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3 Important Basic Requirements for Your Exercise Program

The purpose of the article is to give you some information on 3 Important Basic Requirements for Your Exercise Program. Knowing the most basic requirements for your exercise program will help you greatly in your quest for fitness.

3 Important Basic Requirements for Your Exercise Program

Planning for these requirements; timing, dress, and space will make your fitness goals easily achievable  instead of going through some trials and errors that can lead to frustrations at the beginning.

Below are the three basic requirements in details:

1. Timing– Exercises can be performed first thing in the morning or late in the evening before you retire to bed. Your set time for workouts should be a matter of convenience to you, and also, a routine period.

However, your daily workouts should take you a minimum of 10-20 minutes per day, and slightly more when performances are increased.

As you become fitter and begin to feel the effects of the workouts in you, the exercise should be increased by a number of repetitions, timing, or pace. For example, running or hopping on the spot. You could increase the pace , and increase the number of hops within the same timing.

Get use to your workouts before you increase the minimum time or repetitions.

2. Dress – It is very important that you dress properly for your workouts. A T-shirt or singlet should be ideal for you. In a hot weather, you may prefer to workout bear chest, but should be covered after performance to avoid “catching cold”.

You should feel very comfortable in your chosen dress for fitness. Don’t wear too tight or too big fitness attire. Choose fitness clothing that fit you perfectly well.

You can also go in for your favorite colors when choosing your fitness dress. This will stimulate you to always want to put them on, and you’ll often end up working out once you have them on.

3. Space – For aerobic workouts, you may take to the road for brisk walking, jogging; interval running – running alternate with walking without breaking over a prescribed or predetermined distance or period. Workouts under this could be performed on a field – running round a track.

The gymnasium also presents a better facility for all kinds of exercise in the cold and temperate areas.

For your daily dose, however, workouts could be performed in a very small space – in the compound on a mat, or a clean bare floor, or on a carpet. Some have just enough space for exercise in their bedrooms.

Finally, figure out the best time for your workouts – any time that’s most convenient to you. Get the proper fitness dress and find a good location for exercising.

Putting these basic requirements into consideration when setting your fitness goals will help you achieve great fitness success within a short period of time.

What other requirements must one consider before starting a fitness program?

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