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4 Warning Signs that Your Fitness Workout Program is Not Effective

The purpose of the article is to give you some information on 4 Warning Signs that Your Fitness Workout Program is Not Effective. Have you been exercising for some time now without seeing any improvement in your fitness level? Chances are you’re doing something wrong in your fitness program, or you’re simply not serious about becoming fit.

Fitness Workout Program

However, below are four warning signs that your fitness exercise program is not effective and what you can do about it.


Inconsistent with your workout program

If you workout once in a blue moon and expect to become fit, I’m afraid this won’t help you achieve your fitness goal. Remember the saying “anything worth having is worth working for.”? Exercising is no exception.

If you ask people who look fit, strong, healthy and happy how they were able to build their fitness to that level, they’ll tell you the struggles they went through before achieving the level of fitness they’re enjoying today. They went through untold stories of struggles and pains.

Admittedly, being consistent with a fitness program can be very challenging. Fortunately, you can overcome this obstacle.

To be consistent with your fitness program, set short term goals about it. This may sound cliché but is very powerful.

Working out every single day can make your fitness program daunting. To avoid this, exercise 3 times in a week with an interval of 1 day for resting.

For example, if you workout on Monday, take a rest the following day, exercise on Wednesday and take a rest on Thursday and in that order.

Personally, that’s how I plan my workout program on a weekly basis. Leaving a day for resting helps me stick to my workout program. In addition, knowing that I’ll be resting for a day, I give out all my best on any of my exercising day and this has helped me a great deal. And I’ve been consistent with my fitness program ever since I discovered this strategy. Try it this week and you’ll be amazed about the level of your fitness after that week.

Lack of stretching

Any fitness program without a stretching exercise plan in it is a BIG waste of time and energy. You can’t gain the full effects of a workout plan without incorporating a stretching program to it. Even if you use the world’s most researched and effective fitness program.

From now onward, strive to integrate stretching exercises into your fitness workout plan. Trust me, if you do stretching for a week, you’ll be amazed at your level of fitness.

Don’t know what type of stretching exercises to use? Don’t worry. Read this post for guidance.

Lack of rest

If you workout regularly, your body uses lots of energy during your exercise sessions and you need to replenish the used energy in order to be strong and fit. Consuming energy drinks will do little to nothing in this case. But how do you replenish your energy then?

Take a rest after exercising. Rest for as long as possible. Your body regains its lost energy when you’re resting after exercising. Plus, your muscles gain the full effects of your workout program and this helps improve your overall fitness level. That’s why I advocate setting an interval of one day for resting in your weekly exercise plans.

Poor eating habit

A lot of people think they can eat anything just because they exercise regularly. If you’re one f them, I’m sorry you won’t achieve your fitness goal until you get this misconception out of your mind.

Exercising regularly is one thing and adopting a healthy eating habit is a huge aspect of becoming fit. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite meals in this case. What it means is that you’ve to consume them in moderate quantities.

Admittedly, this is one of the toughest challenges you’ve to go through before you can achieve the level of fitness that you dream about. The good news is that it can be overcome just like any other obstacles in life.

Honestly, I’m not in a good position to tell you how to go about this but can recommend a useful, practical and effective guide to you. Check out this healthy eating guidebook. Read what people have to say about it before you decide to grab a copy for yourself.

In Summary…………

In order to achieve your desired fitness level, be consistent in your exercise program, incorporate stretching exercises in your workout plan, leave an interval 1-2 resting days in your weekly fitness program and adopt a healthy eating habit.

If you make these little changes in you fitness program, your level of fitness will improve greatly and you’ll become one of the fittest, strongest, healthiest and happiest persons that ever lived.

Your Turn……

What strategies have you used in building your fitness? How did you go about it? And what suggestion can you give those who want to become fit but don’t know how to go about it? Share your views in the comment box below.

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