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4 Ways To Improve Your Deadlift Grip

This article is about 4 Ways To Improve Your Deadlift Grip. Your deadlifting progress can be slowed down by the strength of your grip, let’s look at some ways to improve the grip, effectively lifting and screwing your back even more, haha I’m just kidding. Follow good form, keep the weight in the sane-area and you’re most likely clear of all back problems. (Not taking into account existing back issues.)

4 Ways To Improve Your Deadlift Grip

So there are various ways of improving the strength of your grip while deadlifting, which basically affects nearly all exercises, some of them are better than others, let’s look at some of them.


Ways Of Improving Your Grip

  1. Wraps
    These are the bands you tie between your wrists and the barbell, to achieve a better grip. Reports have come in to our headquarters stating that some people have achieved up to 50kg/110lbs deadlift weight increase due to the exploitation of the wraps. Don’t run half-dressed to your closest fitness-equipment store just yet as there is a one major downside to this: it’s practically cheating, why you ask? Because this way your grip does not get improved, it is merely getting help from the wraps. Your grip power basically stays the same while the other muscles get stronger and bigger.
  2. Chalk
    Chalk will help you keep the callus formation on your hands at check and in turn allow you to get a proper grip, because less pain is felt and and a firmer grip is possible due to keeping your hands dry, especially felt if you generally have sweaty palms.
  3. Mixed grip
    One hand facing you and the other facing the butt-crack of the deadlifter in front. This is a great help but still counts as half-cheating because the wrist muscles are not progressing at the same pace strength-wise. Recommended to use at final sets if you want to lift heavier-than-usual weight.
  4. Exercise muscles affecting the grip
    Possibly the best option, no cheating here and you progress in a balanced manner. One of the best exercises for this is what is called “Farmer’s Walk”: simply grip some weights with both your hands, keep them down at your sides and… walk, simple as that. This will strengthen your forearms and wrist-muscles, ultimately making your grip stronger for real and finally making it possible for you to lift a beer-package off the floor. Extremely important when it’s 8 hours away from New Year’s Eve!

Conclusion: Best Way To Go About Strengthening Your Grip

The best way to go, from the array of tips outlined here, in my opinion is the fourth option: it’s a lasting strength-boost that will always be there when life seems so hard. It will never ditch you when you most need it. It will be there when you’re 1 rep away from finishing your last set.

Ho ho ho!! Happy new year and don’t drink and drive! Because you will spill your precious beer!!

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