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5 Principles of An Effective Weight Loss Diet

In the article I’ll tell you about 5 Principles of An Effective Weight Loss Diet. Obviously there are hundreds of different diet plans available to help you lose or control your weight.

5 Principles of An Effective Weight Loss Diet

A month hardly goes by without a new miracle diet being revealed in leading health and fitness magazines. Some of these plans may be highly recommended, for they satisfy the criteria for a safe and effective weight-reduction diet.

Many of these diets, on the other hand, may be nutritionally deficient or even potentially unsafe to your health.

A highly recommended weight-control diet is based upon sound nutritional principles and is also designed to satisfy your personal food tastes.

For a weight-control or reduction diet to be safe, effective, and realistic, it should correspond to the principles below:

1. It should be low in calories and yet supply all nutrients essential for normal body functions.

2. It should contain a wide variety of foods that appeal to your taste and help prevent hunger sensations between meals.

3. It should be suited to your current lifestyle, being easily obtainable whether you eat most of your meals at home or you dine out frequently.

4. It should provide a low rate of weight loss, about 1-2 pounds per week.

5. It should be a lifelong diet, one that will satisfy the first three principles once you attain your desired weight.

In addition, you should select food that match the principles of healthful eating. You should avoid certain types of diets including one-food diets such as the rice diet or the bananas-and-milk diet, for they may be deficient in certain key nutrients.

Avoid diets that are advertised to contain a special weight-reducing formula or fat-burning accelerators, for such compounds simply do not exist or are not effective.

Finally, you should avoid diets that promise fast and easy weight losses. There is no fast and easy dietary method to lose excess body fat.

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