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5 Tips to Prevent WeightLifting injuries

In the article I share what I learned about 5 Tips to Prevent WeightLifting injuries. Weightlifting is one of the best method of exercise to strengthen joints and the muscles. This is a fact from health consultants and doctors. However, weight lifting is complex and it calls for caution and can be dangerous.

5 Tips to Prevent WeightLifting injuries

During weight lifting the body is pushed to extreme levels, which can be difficult for the body handle. Constant pushing of the body can lead to injury, either physical or internal. It is therefore important to know how to prevent weight lifting injuries, and at the same time enjoy this healthy exercise.


How to Prevent Weight Lifting Injuries

Weight Lifting Gear

If you had been previously injured, where protective equipment to avoid re-injuring. It is important to prevent yourself from weight lifting if you have a lingering injury. It take time for most injuries to heal and re-injury is very likely, and it may become permanent.

If you core muscles are not strong, wear a weight belt. Weight lifting belts are designed to support your back from bending. Start lifting light weight without the belt to strengthen the back muscles and as you progress to heavier weight wear a belt.

If your wrists tend to bend and ache during heavy weight lifting, wear wrist straps. These will help your wrists support heavier weight. These can be found at any sporting good store at a very reasonable price.

Another great piece of gear is lifting gloves. Many “manly” men do not like to wear gloves, but I have seen many of them rip open their hands. I would advise you to ear gloves because a hand injury can set your training back weeks.

Wrap/Tape Weak Joints

Every human being has a weak joint, these joints may be injured when heavy weight lifting. Weak joints depends on the individuals, they can be anywhere. These weak joints include; ankle, wrist, waist, and your knuckles.

Make sure you tape these joints; taping strengthens muscles preventing any injury. Understanding how to prevent weight lifting injuries on muscles, will require personal care and caution.

Opt for Lighter Weights

Avoid biting more than you can chew. Many weight lifters get caught up in the idea of testing heavy weights than their capability. This is risky to the muscles and body joints.

The muscles and joints are subjected to heavy weights, beyond their support; this can cause serious injury. It is advisable to weight lift gradually, and upgrade step by step.

Stretching and Rest

After lifting, it is important to stretch. Stretching helps keep your body flexible and force the lactic acid out of your muscles. A 15 minute yoga or stretching session is all it will take.

Taking a warm bath with epsom salts is another solution on how to prevent weight lifting injuries. Bathing helps to relax your muscles and your mind. And, the epsom salts will help reduce the aches you feel in your muscles.

Always keep in mind that rest and recovery of your muscles is the most important aspect of muscle building. If you do not give your muscles adequate time to recover you will see little to no results.

Make sure all gym equipment is working properly

This would reduce chances of accidental injuries, which are more serious. The floor should be dry, and you should wear exercise clothing and shoes. Exercise clothing will keep you comfortable, and reduce chances of sliding.

On the same point, it is important to have a qualified trainer. It is not advisable to lift weight on your own; you need someone by your side. A professional will guide you on how to prevent weight lifting injuries, and how to maximize your potential.

An serious weight lifting injury can keep you out of the gym for months. It is important to follow these simple guidelines to keep you progressing. As they always say, “Its better to be safe than sorry”.

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