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5 Worst Foods to Eat on a Diet

In the article I share what I learned about 5 Worst Foods to Eat on a Diet. We are told to avoid junk food and eat healthy products – a good idea, but what should we avoid? There must be some foods worse than others. Most things you buy as snacks in packets or from fast food outlets are bad for you. Some foods are really bad, avoid these when you are trying to lose weight and you are on your way to a better lifestyle. There are a lot of unhealthy foods available, but there are a few which everybody agrees are really bad news. Here are the 5 worse foods to eat on a diet.

Worst Foods to Eat on a Diet

Doughnuts:  There are many sorts of doughnuts, but 200 calories is average. A mixture of saturated fats, refined flour and sugar they are the perfect storm. To look like Homer Simpson eat doughnuts.

Processed Meats:  You don’t know where the processed meat you eat comes from and if you did you wouldn’t eat it. What you should know is it is full of fat and salt. Avoid sausages – some sausages are healthier than others, but even the better ones contain 300-400 calories and are high in saturated fats.

French Fries: A small 85g portion of French Fries contains 10 percent saturated fat; it also contains salt and the deep frying kills the vitamin C normally found in potatoes.

Fried Seafood: Food such as scampi clams and lobsters can be high in mercury and contain a lot of calories as well. Just 100g of scampi contains 240 calories. Lobster is lower at 90 calories in 100g but makes up for it by being high in cholesterol.

Fish has less mercury, if you avoid king mackerel, big eye tuna and some exotics like shark or marlin, and is healthy if not fried. But fried fish can be a different matter.  There are over 1000 calories and 33 percent fat in a Shoney’s fried fish platter and that can do a lot of damage if eaten too often.

Soft Drinks:  Although not exactly a food soft drinks must be included in things to avoid. We all know fizzy drinks are bad for us, but there is a lot of sugar in soft drinks. Research at Glasgow University suggests we are consuming on average 450 calories a day from soft drinks. That is a quarter of the daily calorie limit for women and a fifth for men. Just substitute water for soft drinks and you could see a weekly drop in your weight without much effort.

Those are the 5 worse foods to eat on a diet. Cut them out and you will have a good chance of losing weight. Of course for a proper weight loss program you must look at everything you eat and also your activity level. We are now told that inactivity is as dangerous as smoking. So you really must get some daily exercise along with your more healthy diet.  First of all make sure you cut out the 5 worst foods and you will be well on your way to losing weight.

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