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6 Exercise Danger Signs That You Should Know

The article is about 6 Exercise Danger Signs That You Should Know. The human body is an amazing piece of equipment. It functions well whether or not you’re conscious of its processes. In addition, it delivers clear signal when something goes wrong.

6 Exercise Danger Signs That You Should Know

However, you should monitor any sign that seem abnormal during or after your exercise.

The following are some common signs that you should monitor very well:

(1) A delay of over one hour in your body’s return to a fully relaxed, comfortable state after exercise.

(2) Difficulty in your sleep patterns. Although it’s not uncommon for a beginner to experience sleep difficulties during the early stages of fitness development, continued problems may indicate overexertion.

If you experience this, reduce the intensity or frequency of your workouts for a while. And avoid exercising too close to bed.

(3) Any noticeable breathing difficulties or chest pains should be referred to a physician.

(4) Persistent joint and muscle pains. Starting to exercise after years of inactivity will naturally bring on some muscle soreness and joint discomfort.

However, these should be temporary problems. Listen to your body. Any joint or muscle pain might signal a problem.

Seek the help of an athletic trainer, fitness instructor, physical therapist, or your physician.

(5) Unusual changes in urine composition or output. Marked color change in your urine could signal possible kidney or bladder difficulties. Drink water before, during, and after your activities.

(6) Anything of unusual nature that you notice after starting your fitness program.

Some examples are headaches, nosebleeds, fainting, numbness in an extremity, or hemorrhoids.

Such occurrences are extremely unusual. Fear of developing these difficulties should not stop you from starting your fitness exercise program.

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