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7 Benefits of Exercise On Your Wellness Dimension

That article is about 7 Benefits of Exercise On Your Wellness Dimension. By now everybody knows the health benefits of exercise to the body. Besides the obvious benefits of exercise, there are other aspects of your life that also benefit hugely from regular physical activities and which have great impacts on your general well-being.

7 Benefits of Exercise On Your Wellness Dimension

You’ll be amazed at how regular workouts can help improve every portion of your life; physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational,spiritual, and environmental.

Below are the 7 benefits of exercise to your general well-being:

1. Physical

  • slows down your aging process
  • increases your energy
  • improves your posture and physical appearance
  • helps control your weight
  • improves your body’s flexibility
  • improves your muscular strength and endurance
  • strengthens your bones and
  • reduces your risk for coronary heart diseases.

2. Emotional

  • relieves tension
  • helps in stress management
  • improves your self-image
  • evens out emotional swings and
  • provides time for adult play.

3. Social

  • deepens your relationship with family and friends, and
  • increases your opportunities for social contacts.

4. Intellectual

  • develops concepts of your mind and body oneness
  • increases your alertness
  • improves your concentration
  • motivates you toward improved personal habits – smoking cessation, reducing drug and alcohol use, better nutrition, and
  • stimulates your creative thoughts.

5. Occupational

  • decreases absenteeism
  • increases your productivity
  • decreases disability days
  • lowers your medical costs
  • lowers job turnover rates and
  • increases your networking possibilities.

6. Spiritual

  • develops your appreciation of body and mind connection
  • enhances your appreciation for healthy environment, and
  • builds your compassion for those less able.

7. Environmental

  • develops your appreciation for healthy air and water
  • increases your concern for the preservation of our natural resources, and
  • increases your interest in eliminating toxins and chemicals from food chain.

Are you beginning to imagine the positive impacts regular exercise can have on your general well-being – physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, and environmental.

Why don’t you start planning toward your fitness today? All you need is the will power to get started and once you overcome that, the sky will be your limit in your quest for fitness and a healthier life.

What other aspect of ones life can regular exercise have positive effects?

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