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About Walking for Weight Loss

The following article is About Walking for Weight Loss. f you are involved in any pursuit it is best to read a few books about it. Walking for weight loss is no exception. There are plenty of books available, particularly regarding weight loss. So many that it is possible to get totally confused.

About Walking for Weight Loss

Here are some I would recommend.

‘Walking for Weight Loss’ by Lucy Knight. This is a book which takes walking fitness back to basics. It is also good regarding diet. One of the best.

‘Running and Walking for Women Over 40’ by Katherine Switzer.

How to get started with fitness walking and, more importantly keeping it up. Many women over 40 join exercise groups and this is the book for them.

‘Walking for Fitness’ by Nina Borough. My favourite book. It doesn’t just tell you how, but it tells you why as well. A very detailed, but easy to read, book about all aspects of fitness walking.

As you will know walking for weight loss involves diet as well as exercise and these are two of the best books about the best diet.

‘The Mediterranean Diet’ by Marissa Cloutier. It tastes good as well. This book tells you all about it.

‘101 Mediterranean Dishes’ by Helen V. Fisher and Cynthia Thompson. Some recipes to try and enjoy.

All these books are obtainable from Amazon or can be ordered from bookshops.

But don’t get too carried away with diets. We now have a new psychological condition suffered mostly by the over 30 well educated middle class. As if they didn’t have enough to worry about already. It is called orthorexia nervosa, poorly translated as ‘fixation on righteous eating.’ The British Dietric Association’s mental health group reports that the problem is increasing. The obsession involves diets that avoid sugar, salt, caffeine, alchohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods.

So if you are over enthusiastic about such matters be careful.

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