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Achieving The Holy-Grail V-Shape Back Muscles

This article tells you about Achieving The Holy-Grail V-Shape Back Muscles. It may very well be the holy grail of bodybuilding. No matter how big your arms are, if your back is a straight line, you’ll look somewhat incomplete at best, and funny at worst. Let’s outline a few nifty exercises to target the back in the V-Shape area.

Achieving The Holy-Grail V-Shape Back Muscles

I’ll be talking about free-weight exercises, not machine, so you can both perform these at the gym and at home, if you have some heavy enough dumbbells and/or a barbell. Also, they are pretty beginner-friendly, as long as you keep your back straight.


Single Dumbbell Rows

4 sets 10 repetitions each. Take a dumbbell that isn’t too light, of course it depends on your progress, I’d say a beginner – 5kg, intermediate – 10kg and so on. Stand with your back straight and bend forward 45 degrees, hold the dumbbell in your right hand, put your left leg forward, lift the dumbbell up and down so that you use your back for the movement, keep your arm straight. Left hand should rest on left leg’s knee. Switch hands and legs and repeat.
If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel your back doing all the work, it’s really a great feeling!

Both Hands Dumbbell Rows

4 sets 10 repetitions each. Dumbbell weight should be double the weight you used in the previous exercise as in this one both sides of the back are involved. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, lean about 60 degrees forward, hold the dumbbell by one of its sides so it’s perpendicular to your torso. Keeping your back straight, you lift the dumbbell up and down — a shocker, I know. Lift until it touches torso, with your elbows being parallel to it at the end of the movement, descend until arms are nearly straight.  Keep your head up, it will help you keep the back straight.

Barbell Rows

4 sets 10 repetitions each. Put weight you’re comfortable with, but not low enough for you to complete a set without a hassle, remember that no progress shall take place if it comes easy to you – means muscles are accustomed to the strain and simply won’t grow!
Basically, this exercise is nearly the same as the previous one, only you use a barbell and can apply a wide grip to it in order to stimulate the back in a bit different way.

The Workout Plan

Do all 3 exercises in the same workout, with sufficient rest of course — these are not supersets. If you’re not a total beginner feel free to incorporate other exercises as you see fit, such as the almighty deadlift.

Once a week is enough, but you can do it twice as well, provided you don’t do it on consequent days – your muscles need time to recover and build, don’t neglect rest! Twice per week, with 2 days rest in between is a good bet.

Note that this is not a complete workout plan, just the back part. Happy training!

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