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Active Stretching Enhances Overall Health and Well-Being

In the article I’m going to tell you about the following subject – Active Stretching Enhances Overall Health and Well-Being. For maintaining a healthier lifestyle, exercises play a greater role. Strength-training and cardio vascular exercises are proven to be of greater use. To maintain normal weight and for maintaining a healthier lifestyle visiting gym, attending aerobics classes and going for a walk in the park the best.

Active Stretching Enhances Overall Health and Well-Being

By doing so you can ensure better health of your heart and the circulatory system! With the misconception that they wont be able to do active stretching exercises, many people refrain from doing so. Active exercise is proven to be of greater use, and it is highly recommended to include active stretching in your daily routine.


Safety Rules for correct Active Stretching

Many people are interested to learn how they can stretch their muscles properly after a workout. Though active stretching is useful from finding relief from stress and tension, many are not aware of the proper postures and techniques to be followed. When you stretch, your body needs to be warmed up by manual labor or by walking. Starting a workout routine with stretching would not be appropriate.

Because, if you start a workout with stretching, your muscles wont be loose enough and wont be flexible and this can cause strain on the muscles. Prior to active stretching walk for ten minutes on the treadmill and this can remain as a better warm up for your stretching. Thus the best time to do active stretching is after the workout.

Increase flexibility with the popular stretches

The active stretching that one follows depends on the workout they do. For instance, running is considered to be most beneficial and important cardiovascular exercise. Thus, it recommended that one properly stretches their ankles, hips and legs after a workout. Runner’s stretch is one such recommended exercise. It is done by keeping one knee bent out in front of the body while the other leg is stretched straight behind.

The hands are placed down to hold the torso up. With this technique the hamstrings and the hips and the other parts of the body gets proper stretching. For a good stretch for your inner thighs and hips try sitting on the floor keeping your heels together and the knees falling out to the side. By sitting so, gently lean forward and bring your forehead to your heels. To integrate great flexibility for your muscles and tendons and to prevent injuries from sports, active stretching is proven to be of greater use.

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