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Adopting detox diets with caution

This article tells you about Adopting detox diets with caution. Detox diets these days have become quite a fad with celebrities endorsing it as well as former addicts promoting it as the cure to all maladies of unhealthy living. However, scientific research cautions that detox diets can have some adverse effects on the body with improper use as well as cause problems in adolescents and young adults adopting it. Therefore, it is important to use the detox diet judiciously.

Adopting detox diets with caution

Why detox diet is required:

Proponents of detox diets assert that toxins are not effectively removed by excretion but they tend to linger in the digestive, lymphatic, and gastrointestinal systems of the body. Hair and skin also harbour these toxic substances. These noxious chemicals cause a number of health problems like tiredness, headaches, and nausea.

Detox diet plan:

To cleanse the body of toxins, supporters of detox diets suggest stopping the intake of certain types of foods that bring toxins into the body. Many of these diets stress on some kind of fasting i.e. stopping the intake of certain foods for a few days and then gradually reintroducing them. Enemas and use of herbal supplements are also encouraged in these dietary approaches.

Typically, a detox diet plan advocates that the person following it remains on a completely liquid diet for a couple of days followed by four to five days of fruit, brown rice, and steamed vegetables. Gradually other foods are reintroduced taking care not to allow eggs, sugar, red meat, or junk foods.

Supporters of detox diets contend that these diets eliminate toxins. However, there is no convincing scientific evidence that these diets can actually eliminate toxins in the body. Furthermore, the elimination of toxins alone does not make a person healthier and stronger.


It should be remembered that detox diets are meant for short-term use for beginners. These diets are not recommended for teenagers because teens are in great need of proteins and carbohydrates for growth. Fasting and other food restrictions make detox diets a bad choice for adolescents and young adults.

It is also quite possible that the detox diet itself becomes addictive. A person can consequently end up with serious eating disorders due to his obsession with detox diets and fasting.

One aspect of detox diets is the use of laxatives in conjunction with the diet. The more-than-necessary visits to the bathroom can result in serious dehydration leading to mineral imbalances as well as digestive disorders in the body. Another important feature of detox diets is the dependence on fasting, which has the effect of slowing down the metabolic rate of the body leading to weight gain.

So, while detox diets in the short term do bear results, it is important to keep in mind that eschewing vital aspects of growth that have a direct bearing on health is not a good idea to follow in the name of detoxification.

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