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Alternate Meals To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

This article is about Alternate Meals To Gain Lean Muscle Mass. Winter is finally here, and with the season of holidays and feasts comes the bulking up part that so many bodybuilding and gym-lovers look forward to. When working out and trying to reach a goal, there are important things you should know before hitting the gym.

Alternate Meals To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

If you are looking to gain muscle mass there are certain foods and protein supplements that will help you reach your goal, faster. While there are many vitamin supplements that promise to increase BMR, there are even better ways to help gain lean muscle mass; just by eating.


Separating The Carbohydrate & Protein Intake Throughout The Day

So what foods are the best for doing just that? Well let’s take a look at what foods do the most for your workout regimen. There is a certain routine one can follow as well for optimal results and here I will outline what you need to know when it comes to fueling your body for that lean, muscular look so many of us have in mind when heading to the gym.

Alternating your meals between carbs, protein and fat can help your body get in gear to become a lean muscle machine and it’s easier than one might think. To alternate your meals it’s imperative that you create a menu and stick to it. A quick web search will help guide you when it comes to finding the most beneficial meals for your specific needs. No two people are the same, so it’s also important to remember what works best for someone else may not always be the best thing for you.

Time For Carbohydrate-Rich Meals

Morning time is the best time for your carb meals. It’s when the body is fasting and craving those much needed carbs. Having a breakfast packed with energy providing carbohydrates may prove to be what your body needs to get going in the a.m. Since our insulin productivity is slowed down in the morning, it’s proven that the carb intake in the morning will be quickly absorbed and not stored as fat.

Lunch time is another great time for carbohydrates for the same reasons listed above.

Time For Protein-Rich Meals

The third meal would be ideal directly after your workout. This meal should consist of simple sugars and protein, to refuel the body and reenergize the muscles that just took a beating at the gym.

Finally, the last meal of your day should be packed with plenty of protein and low fat foods. Eating fat filled foods right before bed is a huge no-no in the fitness world and in the nutrition world as well. Eating a diet high in fat, especially at night will not help gain lean muscle but will help add pounds that those body conscious don’t want or need.

Proper Diet Is A Science Of Its Own!

Basically it comes down to a diet science. Finding the right foods that work the best with your body is key. No two bodies are the same as stated earlier, however; you may find that with a little research and a perfect menu, your muscle gain diet will be more successful than you may have expected.

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