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Are Bodybuilding Supplements Unhealthy In The Long Term?

The article concerns the following question – Are Bodybuilding Supplements Unhealthy In The Long Term? In order to facilitate the rapid growth of muscle size bodybuilders can take a variety of sport supplements to optimize their performance and overall muscle gain. These supplements are widely used in the bodybuilding community usually to increase weight gain and contribute to a more defined and muscular body.

Are Bodybuilding Supplements Unhealthy In The Long Term

Popular forms of dietary supplements include creatine, provided in a chemical form, protein supplements, and amino acids. It is up to the individual athlete to choose the correct supplement to effectively benefit their personal goals and it is suggested that before enhancing the diet with body building supplements a programme should be produced together with a nutritionist or health specialist.


Moderation Is Key To Avoiding Health Problems

Of these supplements are there any which can be seen as having a detrimental effect on health? Any supplement runs the risk of side effects. However, if used in moderation these sports supplements can have a positive effect for the healthy athlete to transform their body and lead to enhanced physical performance.

Taking supplements is not totally risk free and although manufacturers must make sure that they meet health and safety guidelines it is up to the individual to ensure that they themselves are healthy before supplementing their diet.

The supplements that bodybuilders commonly use include creatine, protein supplements, as well as the addition of amino acids. These supplements come in easily digestible formats such as powders, meal replacement, bars and snacks — all are convenient to take and there are no digestion problems affiliated with taking these products.

Creatine Side Effects

Some research has revealed that creatine can lead to problems with the liver and kidneys.  However, reports conclude that this will only occur if the individual has had a pre-existing kidney condition and does not cause any damage to the healthy athlete. A lot of research on healthy individuals (important to take note of healthy) has been done on the subject and no health problems have been found.

Despite that, it’s doesn’t mean creatine (or any other supplement) can’t do harm under some very specific circumstances. It’s paramount to drink a lot of water if creatine supplements are being taken to avoid dehydration. For a more detailed review of the health risks associated with taking creatine see this article by Christian Finn.

Protein Powder Side Effects

Protein powder is another popular form of supplement used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass. In some instances there have been negative side effects to these protein supplements such as ketosis, the build up of toxic ketones in the blood forcing the kidneys and heart to work hard to remove them. In the long term some research has shown an excessive intake of protein supplements has been linked to some types of cancer, such as kidney, liver, colon and breast.

All in all, protein powder is safe as long as you don’t abuse it, twice a day is a maximum intake if you don’t want to risk your health, for more info on this check this article on BodybuildingForYou.

Amino Acids Side Effects

Some consideration should also be taken when supplementing with amino acids, when taken in high doses these can result in organ damage over a significant period of time. For more insight into the scientific research done on the subject, check this article on LiveStrong. Basically, like mentioned above, take in moderation and you’re clear off any health issues.

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