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Are You Setting Goals for Weight Loss?

The article concerns the following question – Are You Setting Goals for Weight Loss? If you really want to lose weight you should be setting goals for your weight loss. A lot of us look in the mirror or try on last year’s clothes and think we need to lose a bit of weight. But that is not enough. It is like thinking you need a holiday. Good idea – the danger is doing nothing for eight months then finding it is fall and you are spending a week at home watching daytime reality TV with the cat.

Are You Setting Goals for Weight Loss

What you should have done is planned to fly from Kennedy to London Heathrow in August, spent a couple of days shopping, then caught the Eurostar to Paris, stayed in Montmartre and spent another week shopping. Not forgetting to find someone to look after the cat back home. You had a goal did some planning and achieved your goal. Weight loss is the same; you will never get anywhere if you just think you need to lose a bit of weight. But setting goals for weight loss is not difficult.

You must decide how much you want to lose. Not just some weight but how many pounds. If you want to drop a dress size you will need to lose about ten pounds. Then you must decide on the time scale. Safe long term weight loss is a maximum of two pounds a week. If you want to lose weight fast there are plenty of diets available to help you. Just avoid those which make extravagant claims and look for contactable addresses on before and after photos.

Paint Shop can produce better results than any diet so be suspicious. Fast weight loss diets can have two purposes. One is to lose weight for a special occasion; the other is to lose some weight before you start a long term weight loss program. Whatever your goals for weight loss do make sure you only stay on a fast weight loss diet a few weeks.

To lose a lot of weight take it slowly. Expect to spend two months losing fourteen pounds. You took a long time to reach your present weight so do not expect instant miracle weight loss. This is where planning helps. You are in April, you want to drop two dress or trouser sizes for your holiday in August. That is twenty weeks to lose twenty pounds. Start at once on a slow healthy diet and you will easily do it. Wait until June and you may not succeed.

It is important to find the best long term diet for you. I like the Mediterranean diet or Weight Watchers, but look around and check out the others. Take the same care as you would with a fast weight loss diet. Be suspicious of extravagant claims, unlikely celebrity endorsements or anything else that seems silly. You must be happy with a long term diet or you will give it up.

To lose weight and stay that way you are making a lifestyle change and you need to get it right. Don’t forget regular exercise and if you do go on a European holiday admire the trim French women. How do they do it? They eat small portions and try to take time over their meals. They prefer quality to quantity and it works.

If you are serious about losing weight you must set goals for your weight loss. Be realistic and with a little planning you are sure to succeed.

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