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Attributes of a good yoga teacher

In the following article I share what I learned about Attributes of a good yoga teacher. Yoga has the ability to transform the life of a person by imparting incredible mental and physical benefits. While it is possible to learn yoga through television programs or DVDs, learning first hand from a yoga teacher is always more desirable.

Attributes of a good yoga teacher

However, before signing up for yoga classes it is advisable to verify the credentials of the yoga teacher and check whether he is capable enough to teach yoga properly. In order to do this you can make a checklist and mark off the positives and negatives of the teacher and on the basis of this arrive at a decision.


Check Out Against CALM Criteria

If the yoga teacher can meet the standards of communication, assistance, listening and modification, or CALM, you will have found the right place and the right person to teach you yoga. The yoga teacher should be able to talk to you and other students in a manner that is respectful. He or she should also be receptive to answering any questions and doubts that may crop up in the minds of the students.

A good yoga teacher would also be one that is considerate and who can spare time to guide the students through meditation and also help them to relax. These are major areas within yoga and the teacher should be skilled in teaching them. Be wary of a teacher that merely wants to hasten through the various aspects and is only interested in getting the workouts over and done with.

The yoga teacher should be a person that is concerned about the student’s form and will offer all manner of assistance while teaching yoga, and will encourage the student into learning the skills. Also, the student should also feel that his or her queries are satisfactorily answered, and that the teacher is responsive to their concerns. The yoga teacher should alter the exercise and modify it to make it compatible with the class and should also support the students in the use of props, if needed.

Pleasant Setting

Another important feature about the yoga teacher is that he should have a pleasing personality so that interacting with him is interesting and relaxing. Stay away from yoga teachers who are offensive or abusive. A strict person who also has a caring attitude is definitely better than a rude one who is arrogant about his knowledge. It is essential that a yoga teacher is worthy of respect of the students and at the same time he should be respectful towards them too. A yoga class that has a pleasant ambience is bound to unite the class and foster harmony, which in turn will improve the learning factor.

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