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Best Southbeach Diet Plan

That article is about Best Southbeach Diet Plan. There isn’t a dieter in the world who hasn’t heard about the Atkins Diet and the Southbeach Diet.Both of them are money churning best sellers.

Best Southbeach Diet Plan

What makes these two world renowned nutritional plans similar is the fact that both of them have been designed by qualified doctors. The Southbeach Diet being the brainchild of Dr Agatston, MD, director of the Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center in Miami Beach, Fla. Dr. Agatston’s profound knowledge of cardiology gave him the insight to make The South Beach Diet considerably cardio friendly as compared to the Atkins Diet.

Not only is the South Beach diet easy on the taste buds well its out rightly delicious actually. It is also very Healthy Diet because of its medical origin and add to that the fact that it shows 100% honest, fast and conspicuous results .

A common thread among the two plans is the particularly arduous nature of their initiation phase or induction phase as its called. This stage is followed by a disciplined and consistent plan that stretches into the future and helps you to maintain your weight.

Carbohydrates or as they are popularly known in the diet circles ‘carbs’ are a strict no-no in both the diet plans. Ofcourse there are carbs which the body needs and are good for the body and those are allowed. However the Southbeach Diet strongly recommends refraining from consumption of cereal and rice, vegetables such as potatoes and yam, beetroot and carrot and fruits, bread and pasta also fall in the ‘not to be eaten’ category, not only for the first 14 days but also there after.

The primary difference between these two diets lies in their treatment of carbohydrates and fats

The South Beach Diet – Healthy fats are strongly recommended while the unhealthy one are equally strongly shunned by this plan. The Southbeach Diet doesn’t take a cynical aproach about the consumption of carbs even in the tiniest amounts.Rather it tends to concentrate more on the level of sugar in a carb, this is in agreement with another popular diet called the Sugar Busters, both these diets accept Low sugar carbs with low glycemic levels (that don’t cause rapid changes in the blood sugar level) as good.

This makes the South Beach Diet neither a low carb diet nor a low fat diet.

The Atkins Diet: It aims at nil consumption of sugar so that the body uses its fat reserves instead of sugar to function

So Is there anything that I CAN eat?

Don’t worry! The South Beach diet doesn’t believe in starving you, instead it believes in planned snacking, because if you don’t snack at regular intervals its just going to make you binge when you finally do get to eat.

Some of the foods that are striked off the menu are high sugar content carbs such as rice and potatoes , sugar rich veggies like beets and corns. Of course Deserts are out of the question, even the consumption of alcohol is restricted in the induction phase and is kept at minimum in the long term plan.

The Southbeach Diet doesn’t restrict the calorie intake or the amount of food consumed stringently. However over eating is discouraged , what is allowed are regular portions which seem small in the beginning but in reality are enough to satisfy hunger without stuffing yourself.

How Does The Plan Go?

Its a three step Diet Plan. The first step is the induction plan which last for two weeks and which prohibits the intake of baked good, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and fruits. Alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer are also strictly restricted. In its defense though the diet assures you that after a few days you’ll get used to the regimen and won’t miss these food stuffs. The new inclusion in the induction phase is of dairy products such as butter milk and low-fat or non-fat milk, yogurt, however only two portions of these products are allowed.

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