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Bob and Jean Andersons’ Stretching Exercises Guidebook Review

In this article I’ll tell you about Bob and Jean Andersons’ Stretching Exercises Guidebook Review. Stretching is a fitness guidebook designed exclusively for stretching exercises. It details every single thing you need to know about stretching, with very easy to understand diagrams.

Bob and Jean Andersons’ Stretching Exercises Guidebook Review

In the book, written by Bob and Jean Anderson, they talked about the different types of stretching workouts that you can use to develop your body’s flexibility no matter your level of fitness.

You don’t even need any sophisticated machine or equipment to practice the stretching exercises in the guidebook. Plus, you don’t need any specific location to carry out your stretching workout program.

You can do it in the comfort of your home or office.  Even when you’re away from your town or city, you can still practice the stretching exercises in the book and stay fit.


 Details and Layout of Bob Anderson Stretching Guidebook

Stretching is up to 240 pages, written in everyday English language for easy understanding. The total package for its shipment weighs 1.4 pounds and is divided into six sections.

  • The first section is the Getting Started section and it covers topics such as; Introduction, Who Should Stretch, When to Stretch, Why Stretch, How to Stretch, Warming Up and Cooling Down, and Getting Started.
  • The second section is The Stretches section and it talks about; Stretching Guide, Relaxing Stretches for Your Back, Stretching for the Legs, Feet and Ankles. Stretches for the Back, Shoulders and Arms. A Series of Stretches for the Legs. Stretches for the Lower Back, Hips and Legs. And a lot more stretching exercises for various parts of your body.
  • The third section discusses Stretching Routines and Everyday Activities. Such as stretching in the morning, in the evening before bed time, Stretching after sitting, after gardening, when watching TV, Stretching for the kids, when traveling, walking and Stretches for the over 60s.
  • The fourth section covers stretching for various sports and activities such as aerobic and exercise, badminton, baseball/softball, bowling, cycling, golf and bunch of sporting activities that you can think of. Furthermore, this section has a special stretching exercise for teachers and coaches as well.
  • The fifth section talks about office fitness and how you can stay fit in the comfort of your workplace. This section gives tips about start up stretches, Stretches for keyboard operators, Stretches for graphic artists, office meeting stretches, online stretches and other useful stretching workouts that you can practice at your office while taking care of your business.
  • Finally, the sixth section. This section includes the appendix and also talks about ways to care for your back, PNF stretching, body tools, recommended reading, stretching prescriptions, index, credits and about the authors.

Find Out Whether this Stretching Guidebook is Right for You or Not

The practical stretching guidebook is not designed for everybody except for:

  • Those who’re serious about becoming fit.
  • Business persons with busy and tight schedules.
  • Housewives.
  • Those who want to exercise in the comfort of their homes.
  • Those who’re intimidated about exercising in public.
  • Those who’re involved in specified sporting activities.
  • The overweight who want to become fit
  • The 50+ who want to become fit
  • Teachers and coaches.

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