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Bowflex Treadmill

If you are interested in Bowflex Treadmill, there are a number of considerations that you need to take into account. People are becoming more and more conscious about their health as well as their looks nowadays. For fulfilling both of their wants at the same time, these people run after one or the other expensive exercising machines available in the market and that too without having any information about them.

Bowflex Treadmill

They do not even know that would that machine fulfill their needs or not or would it cause any side effect by exercising with that machine. But a treadmill is that machine which helps a lot in losing weight and that too without any harm.

But while buying a treadmill the person should have full information about the machine as it helps in understanding the machine and its use properly. One of the most prominent treadmills available in the market is Bowflex treadmill. Bowflex is a company which used to make gym accessories and exercise equipment but then they switched to make treadmills and now they are one the most best selling treadmill manufacturers.

Features of a Bowflex Treadmill

A Bowflex treadmill is one of the most famous in the market because of its low costing and loading up with a decent number of features. The prices of a Bowflex may sound a bit high than any other standard treadmills available in the market but it is better to buy a Bowflex treadmill rather than any standard treadmill because of its company name and its quality. Some of the Bowflex treadmills offer a very good warranty. Bowflex treadmills also come with soft drop technology.

A soft drop technology is that in which a treadmill becomes easily foldable and can be carried to almost any place. If a person is on a trip, then also his exercise cannot be halted. That person can still manage to exercise on his treadmill and his routine would remain normal. A Bowflex treadmill also comes with additional features like heart rate calculator and proper deck suspension with a technology called Strike Zone™. Bowflex treadmills broadly come under 3 models, namely, 3 series, 5 series and 7 series.

Types of Bowflex treadmills

The 3 series Bowflex treadmill is considered to be the cheapest treadmill of all the three. It comes with a 1.75 HP of electric motor and can withstand a weight of 275 kilograms. A person can also choose between 6 programs predefines in the machine’s processor which are cardio, fat burn, running, speed interval jogger, hill travels and manual.

The 5 series Bowflex treadmill comes with a comparatively larger motor than the 3 series which is of 2.5 HP. It provides better rotation to the belt and the speed can also be set more in this type of treadmill. it contains 12 predefined programs including the heart rate control and 2 custom user defined controls. It also has 3 speed fans to keep the jogger cool.

The top range of the Bowflex treadmills is of 7 series. It is the most expensive of the three and comes under the high end category. It contains a motor of 3 HP which can provide as much as speed as a person can want. It comes with a plenty of programs especially that of heart rate recovery test and calorie meter. Overall series 7 Bowflex treadmill is considered to be one of the best treadmills available in the market.

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