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Can Free-Weight Training Every Day Cause Injury?

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – Can Free-Weight Training Every Day Cause Injury? Any kind of strenuous exercising done every day can cause injuries and when it comes to weight lifting exercises, where the actual process of muscle growth is caused by muscles being torn and then rebuilt, it is a definitive yes!

Can Free-Weight Training Every Day Cause Injury

One of the great benefits of weight lifting is that by building muscle mass you increase the amount of calories burnt at rest (muscle requires more energy than fat to sustain itself). However in order for that process to take place you do have to rest!

Injuries can and will set back your weight lifting adventures by weeks to months, so you are unwittingly risking all the great efforts and progress you have made by exercising non-stop and not listening to your body’s cries for help.

Attack Of The Machines & Return Of The Free-Weight

Free weight training in itself holds a higher risk of injury because it does not provide the support that machine weight training gives you. When using free weights you need to have good form and more often than not people are oblivious to the importance of this bit.

With the nature of weight lifting being to exhaust the muscle with reps this is also how free weights are riskier–if you try and cheat using supporting muscles rather than target that specific muscle group, you risk injury.

However the benefits of free weight training; such as bigger muscles–faster–outweigh this risk. They also build up those supporting muscles as they are needed to stabilise and balance the lift.

Stubborn? At Least Keep This In Mind

If you really do feel the need to work out every day then at least ensure you never work the same group of muscles on 2 consecutive days.

You can work a set of muscle groups on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and then different ones on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Sunday really should be left as a day off so that your body has enough time to recover.

There are a few things you can do to lower the risk of overload injury if you do insist of free weight training every day. One stubborn buddy you are.

  • Fueling up
    First of all you can aid the rebuilding of your muscles by providing it with the right nutrients. By fueling up before and after free weight training sessions you provide your body with the building blocks for yet even bigger muscles.
  • Warming up
    It has never been more important to warm up either, if you are putting your muscles under lots of stress getting them prepared beforehand is essential for decreasing the risk of injury. At least 10 minutes should be devoted to some light cardio and stretching.
  • Partnering up
    Finally the last weight lifting tip to consider is taking someone with you to sessions – it does not have to be a paid professional, a mere mortal will suffice. A partner can help you keep your back straight or keep good form in general. Not to mention the occasional fart in the face. Can’t live without that shot of energy. It’s my organic creatine.

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