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Chest Stretching

In the article I’ll tell you about Chest Stretching. Stretching is the most important exercise for the flexibility of your muscles. Stretching is the purposeful act of enlargement of muscles, for increasing the flexibility of muscles and motion’s joint range. It is a natural activity commonly performed by people with thinking simple can be pleasurable. This process of stretching can be escorted by yawning. Stretching mostly occurs after long inactivity, after long sleep or after exiting confined spaces.

Chest Stretching

After spending a lot of time on your office chair or in front of your computer, if your shoulders and chest feel tight, like any other part of your body, you need for some stretching. There are two aims of chest stretching. First one is to stretch your chest muscles that usually tighten and constrict when you bend over your keyboard of desk for long periods and second one is strengthen some muscles of your neck and your upper back that help you in retaining the neutral position of your body. In order to ease your distress and to improve your stance, simply follow these types of stretching: –

  1. Simple chest stretch: – Bend your arms to the elbows. Lift your arms up so that the elbows are even with the shoulders; lift your fingers to up, and your thumbs point towards the neck. Look ahead and push in the chin. Gradually squeeze the blades of your shoulders together. Hold this position for almost five to ten seconds then slowly get relaxed. Repeat the same for three or four more times.
  2. Corner wall stretch: – Stand facing the corner of wall, feet shoulder width position and twelve to eighteen inches from the wall. Place the palms horizontal next to the wall with your fingertips at your shoulder level. Catch your abdominal muscle and keep away from arching your back. Press your body towards and forwards to the wall. Hold the same position for almost ten to fifteen seconds. Relax and repeat the same for three or four more times.
  3. Upper body stretch: – Stand up straight, by bending your knees slightly. Place hip feet distance apart. Make sure that your toes are pointing to the forward. Place your arms behind the back. Hug your hands together by expanding your arms behind the back and hold the same positions for sometime. Feel the stretch with your chest. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out from your mouth. Hold the position for eight to ten seconds.  While doing this stretch, two important things you should always keep in mind, first one is do not arch the back and second one is never hold you breath.

All these stretches make your shoulder and chest muscles flexible and the flexibility in your shoulder and chest will help you in getting the most out of all your efforts by allowing you to work within a broader range of motions, decrease the risk of injuries and handle your weight.  You should stretch before as well as after lifting and between the sets.

If you are feeling any discomfort in practicing these chest stretch, then stop it immediately and take advice from your doctor.

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