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Detox programs for health benefits to all

This article is about Detox programs for health benefits to all. The earlier perception was that detox programs were meant for alcoholics or drug addicts. However, now that most people are in some way or the other addicted to caffeine, junk food, and sedentary lifestyle or simply to unhealthy living, everyone today is in dire need of a detox program. Realization has set in so you see more and more people taking up exercise, healthy food and enrolling in detox programs of different kinds.

Detox programs for health benefits to all

Detox programs as healthy fads:

It would not be wrong to say that detox programs have become a fad today. However, being a fad need not have a negative connotation. ‘Fad” actually indicates fashion, or something that people are holding in high esteem and popularity and detox programs are exactly that. They are highly popular and they are important in the eyes of the common public as a method of keeping healthy naturally.

Water fast:

The most popular detox programs are usually water fasts – meant to cleanse the body totally by ingesting nothing but water for two to three days. It is important to note here that water fast cannot be undertaken suddenly. The body needs to be prepared for it by initially starting it with juice fasting and fruits. After a few days, gradually, the water fast can be introduced.

Do not undertake this type of fast without the supervision of a medical practitioner, since this can sometimes backfire badly. Living on only water can make a person highly lethargic; hence it is advisable that people who take up this fast sleep a lot during the day. This fast should not be continued for more than one week; and you should be prepared to forfeit it any time you feel the body is not coping up with it. This is where the advice and supervision of a doctor will prove invaluable.

Please note that the water fast is contraindicated for people who are diabetic, have heart problems, kidney disease and/or liver problems. Though water is actually a great detoxifier, sometimes such fasts can seriously backfire; when this happens, the health deterioration can be very fast – and hence, very dangerous.

It is important to keep an eye out for symptoms like, fever, headaches or dizziness and immediately consult a doctor if they crop up. It is quite possible that these symptoms are actually a fallout of the initial increase in toxin levels in the body, which tend to vanish after a couple of days. In any case it is advised that you consult your doctor in order to rule out any other complication.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is that you should use only distilled water so that the pollutants present in tap water do not defeat the purpose of the water fast.

Apart from achieving detoxification, most people sense a spiritual enlightenment when undergoing a water fast detox program.

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