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Do Diet Programs Work?

The article concerns the following question – Do Diet Programs Work? Research suggests that in almost all cases, the diets do not work in the long term. Sure, if you want to lose weight quickly in a short period of time, diet programs will usually work for you, but when tracking research with dieters 2-5 years later, most of them have recovered all the weight they lost and some are even greater than when they started.

Diet Programs

Why is this the case? One of the main reasons is that diet programs often require some form of deprivation or willpower to succeed. Calorie food restriction often is a key component in most diets. In addition, there are usually rules to be followed religiously. Who can argue that in the long run? Most people cannot diet and eventually fail.

The diet can also cause an unhealthy relationship with food because for people that diet, foods are often too focused and people end up thinking about food all the time and deprive themselves. Sometimes it can become an obsession. The dining experience should be enjoyable and not stressful. Stress surrounding the food experience can promote weight gain.

Another problem with many diet programs is that the focus is rare in health, even if the diet program states that it is a healthy weight loss program. If you will look at the ingredients of frozen desserts and some dishes marketed by major weight loss companies that emphasize their marketing to be an alternative for healthy weight loss, the ingredients contained in these “foods” were terrible. They contain way too much salt and not enough vegetables, white rice, trans fats, corn syrup, and artificial ingredients. This is not the right way to lose weight because they are harming their health.

A final issue with dieting is that many people restrict their calorie levels which can really turn down your metabolism. Metabolism is slowed down because the body believes it is starving. There are a lot of people say things like “they keep getting more exercise and eat less, but still cannot seem to lose weight”.

Altogether, it is important to have appropriate knowledge before you engage yourself in diet programs to ensure that they will really work for you.

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