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Do Weight Loss Holidays Work?

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – Do Weight Loss Holidays Work? There are holidays and there are weight loss holidays. On a holiday you put on weight, unless it is the sort of activity holiday which only attracts the fit, healthy and probably young. Weight loss holidays are for people who want to lose a few pounds but find it difficult. Maybe everybody you know is overweight, reckons it is fine, and thinks it stupid of you to want otherwise.

Do Weight Loss Holidays Work

Perhaps you live with someone who stuffs the fridge with junk food and you are tempted every time you want a fruit juice. Weight loss is all about motivation and you need to be with people who have the same problems and goals as yourself. That is where weight loss holidays can help.

 So what are weight loss holidays or, as they are sometimes called, weight loss retreats? They usually take place in accommodation near attractive countryside. You will eat healthy food and have help and guidance on diets and the right kind of exercise to suit your needs. Exercise can vary from the gentle to a more demanding boot camp type of experience, there are many weight loss holidays available and it is just a matter of choosing what appeals to you.

You will be likely to meet a lot of people with varying weight loss problems and find that you do things together. For some this is supportive and part of the pleasure of a weight loss holiday, for others it may be less enjoyable. If you really dislike crowds it is worth looking for holidays with a limited number of participants.

When choosing your holiday it is a good idea to consider a few things. You will have a leader who will act as your teacher and guide during your stay. Find out a little about him or her, if you just want some gentle exercise you may think being led by an ex Marine is not for you. Look at the countryside; you are likely to have walks, do you enjoy mountains or would you rather walk along the seashore? Are you vegetarian or vegan? Will you get suitable meals and advice with this in mind? There is not a great deal to consider, but you need to think about these things before booking your weight loss holiday.

Do not expect too much. If you stay for one or two weeks you should lose a few pounds, but weight loss takes time. Look at it as a way of finding out what to do long term, what healthy food you enjoy and the kind of exercise you can keep up when you are back home.

Make sure you are given written advice and diet sheets when you leave. With any luck you will make friends happy to keep in contact and help you on your way. Even a regular telephone call from a friend can boost motivation and cheer you up when things are not going well. To be a success a weight loss holiday will have shown you how to achieve your goal. You just need to carry on and you will succeed.

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