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Do Women Get Bulky From Lifting Weights?

The article concerns the following question – Do Women Get Bulky From Lifting Weights? One of the greatest myths ever, the short answer is — no. For the long answer with some details to convince you poor girl that you won’t wake up as Ronnie Coleman one morning, read on. It’s quite decided for you by nature.

Do Women Get Bulky From Lifting Weights

Low Testosterone Levels

This is really the only reason you can’t technically become bulky. Women naturally have much lower testosterone levels than men (about 25 times less), hence men-like muscle mass gain cannot take place. Testosterone is the male hormone (vs female estrogen) responsible for making you who you are and specifically aid the process of muscle building.

No matter how much you, as a female, lift weights, you will never be as bulky as an “equal” to you male would be. Testosterone is a hormone playing a vital role in getting the guns, and you simply don’t have enough of it.

Depends On Your Diet

You are what you eat. Those guys full with muscle got there not only because they lifted weights for years, but also because they ate the right foods and a lot of it. Protein is needed to repair and build muscle, but again, you don’t have enough testosterone for muscle hypertrophy (muscle size growth), the protein you consume will be used to repair the muscle and make it stronger and more toned.

The gorilla-women you see are as natural as transsexuals. They got hormonal-injections to get there. It’s equivalent to guys taking steroids and becoming disproportionately big.

It’s Fat Not Muscle

You may be accidentally allowing yourself to eat more, and more of the unhealthy… Lifting some weights isn’t a justification for binge eating everything in sight / vacuum cleaning your fridge. Keep your diet in check and don’t mistake fat storage for muscle mass gain.

Why It’s The Best Thing Ever

Now to the good stuff. It will make your muscles more toned, as in, they won’t be saggy. Also by doing any physical activity long enough, you burn the stubborn fat stored where you wish it wasn’t.

So it’s a win-win situation: you both increase the chances of losing some fat AND practically undergo a full-body “face-lift”! 2 steps closer to being curvaceous and bodacious.

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