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Do You Make These Five Mistakes of Fitness Walking?

The article concerns the question – Do You Make These Five Mistakes of Fitness Walking? If you want to walk for fitness and weight loss there are five things you really must not do. If you make these mistakes your efforts could well be a waste of time.

Not keeping to a program. If you are walking for fitness your program of walking is quite simple. Do it every day. If you don’t your fitness level will either not improve at all or fluctuate.

Do You Make These Five Mistakes of Fitness Walking

Not walking far enough. You are not on a marathon but you must walk a reasonable distance every day. I would say a mile is a minimum. That is just half a mile there and half a mile back again. Not very far. Depending on your weight and speed of walking it can take an hour to walk off 350 calories. If you walk a hundred yards from the car park to the coffee shop and back again you will not have used up the calories in your coffee and croissant. So you’ll get fat. That wasn’t the idea of your walking for fitness program.

Wearing the wrong shoes. If you walk in the city you can get away with trainers in dry weather. In the countryside you need strong, comfortable walking shoes or boots. Walking with blisters is not an option and neither is twisting your ankle on uneven ground. So don’t make the mistake of thinking the trainers you wore in the city can take you anywhere. If you struggle with your footwear you will shorten your walk and we are back to not walking far enough.

Eating the wrong food. Your walking fitness program must have two elements. The exercise obtained from walking and the food you eat. If you take in more calories from your food than you burn off through exercise you will get fat. So you must look at your diet and cut out all those fats and sugars.

Walking alone. This is not really a mistake as some of the most enjoyable days out can be had by yourself. It is just that it is easier to keep to a regular program of walking fitness if you do it with a buddy. You can cheer each other up in bad weather and it’s always nice to have someone to chat to along the way. For some people happiness is a wet dog. Not for me, but if you really must own one they certainly get you out in all weathers. Although their conversation leaves a lot to be desired.

In the city, of course, walking alone in the wrong place at the wrong time can be a very big mistake indeed. This can be specially true if you have a regular route. Keep to safe lighted areas and, again, walking with a buddy is a good idea.

So these are the mistakes you can make. It isn’t difficult to get it right and then you can enjoy your walking and know that you are keeping fit and losing weight at the same time.

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