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Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

To ask, ‘Does alcohol make you fat’ invites the answer, ‘It all depends’. It depends on the alcohol and how much you drink. We only have to look at English, Dutch or German football supporters to see the effects of a diet of beer and pies. But it is quite possible to drink alcohol and not put on weight – if you know what to drink and how much.

Does Alcohol Make You Fat

Most alcoholic drinks are low in sugar. A glass of red wine contains 0.60 grams. Compare this to the 40 grams, or 10 teaspoons, of sugar in a can of non-diet drink and you may think alcohol is a better deal. In some respects it is but, sadly, as well as making you fall over and wake up in jail next day, alcohol contains calories.

This is how many calories in popular drinks.

Medium white wine (small glass).                  95 Kcal

Red wine (small glass).                                 95

Champagne. (small glass).                            95

Whiskey (double).                                        122

Brandy (double).                                          150

Gin (double).                                               121

Beer (one pint).                                            140

Cider (one pint).                                           190

Our football enthusiasts would think nothing of drinking 4 pints of beer in an evening, maybe 6 or 7. They will have drunk a meal while supporting their team and not even started on the pies. Does alcohol make you fat? It depends; certainly it makes our football friends fat, but that is an extreme case.

A glass of red wine with a meal will do you no harm. It might even do you good. Red wine contains resveratrol which is said to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol, prevent blood clots and be good for your heart.

There is no problem in drinking in moderation while on a calorie controlled diet. My favourite Mediterranean diet encourages a glass of wine with your meal. Don’t forget, alcohol does contain calories – it will take you 20 minutes walking at 3 mph to burn off the calories in a glass of red wine.

But don’t worry about the occasional party or a bottle of Champagne at the races. Just drink sensibly for your health as well as your waistline. It is not difficult to start by drinking a glass of wine a day and end up drinking a bottle a day. That is not the way to a healthy heart or a successful weight loss program.

Just enjoy what you drink, know the higher and lower calorie counts and above all don’t worry too much about the question, ‘Does alcohol make you fat?’

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