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Does Detoxing Work?

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – Does Detoxing Work? We hear a lot about detoxing – but what is it and does detoxing work? The theory is that we are taking nasty toxic substances into our bodies all the time. Everything from pesticides in our food to air pollution falling on our skins can have a toxic effect on our bodies. Get rid of this and we will be a lot healthier and maybe lose weight at the same time. Sounds good, but where’s the science?

Does Detoxing Work

The difficulty is that there is not much science there. We all need to remove toxic matter from our bodies. But so long as our liver and kidneys work, we get regular exercise, and eat a healthy diet we can forget about detoxing. Those who advocate detoxing say that isn’t enough. They tell you to eat fresh vegetables, beans, pulses, herbal teas and drink plenty of water.

There is a mass of food you should not eat including meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine. The interesting thing is that if you put some of the allowed products together with some of the banned products you will have a healthy diet. But if you don’t you won’t.

Put simply the idea of a vegetable, herbal tea diet or something similar is to flush out of you body the toxins contained in the meat, fish and other food you had been eating. As it happens the toxins in food question is a minefield, as some vegetables contain natural toxins more powerful than chemicals you may find in meat or fish. But never mind about that, you can eat the vegetable diet and hope to lose weight.

As a detox can last for up to 21 days you are almost sure to lose weight. This would happen on any reduced diet and by giving up alcohol and caffeine as well you are likely to feel a lot better afterwards. Then you must decide what to do. You have worked hard to get rid of the toxins you have put into your body. Are you going to carry on with your previous diet, or any diet, and put them back again?

At this point it may be worth listening to Martin Wiseman, visiting professor of human nutrition at the University of Southampton.

‘The detox fad – or fads, as there are many methods – is an example of the capacity of people to believe in and pay for magic despite the lack of any sound evidence’.

If you still think detoxing a good idea do what Carol Vorderman does. She detoxes twice a year. Do that and you are unlikely to do yourself any harm. If you just want a fast weight loss diet there are plenty of others to choose from which do not have the less pleasant side effects of detoxing. Then eat a healthy diet comprising fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses, lean meat and fish. Exercise each day and you will become fit and lose weight permanently. That has to be a success and you may even decide to give up detoxing altogether.

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