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Does Lifting Heavy Weights Stunt My Growth?

The article concerns the following question – Does Lifting Heavy Weights Stunt My Growth? Now this is an article aimed at the teenage-mutant-bodybuilders part of the population, I thought it’s a hotly debated topic so I decided to give it a mention. In a short answer, no; lifting heavy weights will not stunt your growth.

Lifting Heavy Weights

However, there are some things that those looking to bulk up should know, especially if they are younger and still growing. Heavy lifting problems have been known to cause concern to parents and teenagers as there are a ton of rumors in the fitness industry. There are a few things that those looking to build muscle should know before working out.

Leverage The Knowledge Of Experienced Trainers

First and foremost it’s important to find a trainer that knows what they are doing. Gyms all around the world have knowledgeable trainers that are willing and ready to help you reach your work-out goal, and there are those underage trainers that are extremely knowledgeable and trained when it comes to weight training youth. Weight training the wrong way may cause injury so it’s important that you learn all you need to know before stepping foot inside a gym, especially if you are new to working out.

Working Out Correctly To Avoid Injuries Is Crucial

Adolescents who have been lifting weights for a longer period of time may incur a growth-plate fracture, in turn causing their joints to be weak. Meanwhile, those that have stopped growing may incur a ligament tear from the same injury and this is why there is so much speculation regarding the stunting of growth and weight lifting. Lifting weights does not necessarily stunt growth by itself, however; injuries caused whilst lifting the weights may be the reason an adolescent stops growing at a certain point.

Lifting Weights; Like Any Other Sport Can Stunt Growth INDIRECTLY

There are tons of studies on this subject and the majority of them have the same results; weight training is not directly responsible for any growth plate fractures. Other sporting activities such as football, skateboarding, soccer and bike riding were more likely to cause a growth plate fracture than lifting weights. This doesn’t mean that you can’t stunt your growth by lifting weights, but remember it’s the injury that causes the stunting of growth not the lifting itself.

Don’t Just Train; Train Smart

Doing your due diligence is part of your job though if you are young and want to start lifting weights. Make sure you train well, have the right trainer and take advantage of all of the knowledge that is out there via the internet or physical professionals. Doing everything you can to make sure you do not injure your growth plate will not only help you in your weight lifting but it will keep your joints healthy and strong as well.

All in all, it’s more than reasonable to come to the conclusion that these myths and rumors are nothing more than just that; untruths. The risk of injuring a growth plate during adolescence is more likely to happen at your local high school football game than at the gym lifting the dumbbell.

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