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Does the Dukan Diet Work?

The article concerns the following question – Does the Dukan Diet Work? The Dukan diet is one of the best known celebrity diets. But does the Dukan diet work? Perhaps we should ask why some diets are endorsed by celebrities at all. It seems to me that a free celebrity endorsement of anything is unlikely, so perhaps we should not put too much faith in their opinion.

Does the Dukan Diet Work

But if the diet works so be it and perhaps it is worth a try. Do not expect to end up looking like Carole Middleton or any of her friends. Unless you have a lot of money, a personal trainer, a good surgeon and in some cases a camera man skilled in the art of air brushing you are unlikely to achieve a celebrity body

But back to the Dukan diet. This was designed by French nutritionist Pierre Dukan and has become popular in the last few years. It is complex, but put simply it is in four phases. To begin with dieters eat nothing but protein for 2-10 days. This can give a weight loss of up to 7 pounds. In the next phase they add 28 types of vegetables to the diet and aim to lose 1 pound a week for as long as they need to achieve their desired weight. After that they move to a ‘consolidation phase’ which adds food to their diet with the intention of maintaining the weight they have achieved. The final phase is to adjust the diet again and include daily exercise to maintain health and fitness.

This does not sound too bad, apart from the excessive weight loss in the first 2-10 days. But it has massively annoyed the British Dietetic Association (BDA) which definitely does not think the Dukan diet works. The BDA is so annoyed that it has made the Dukan diet number one in its annual list of the five worst celebrity diets. It says, ‘This diet is so confusing, very rigid, full of French foods that most Brits would run a mile from, like rabbit and offal, and even Dr Dukan himself warns of the associated problems of lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.’ The BDA considers the diet has, ‘absolutely no solid science behind it at all’. Leaving aside the matter of rabbits – which the British have been eating since their introduction by the Romans, and also the British love of French food, this is not very encouraging.

The BDA carries on listing numerous reasons not to embark upon a Dukan diet. For them the Dukan diet is very bad news. In some respects they have a point. I worry most about the first 2-10 days. To lose 7 pounds in 2 days is silly but even to lose it in 10 days is still bad. It would require a daily calorie deficit of twice the average normal calorie requirement for a man and two and a half times for a woman. Your body would go into starvation mode and begin consuming muscle to survive; this lowers your metabolism and makes losing weight even harder. It is just the sort of thing I would advise against.

So it looks like the Dukan diet is not the best, although it may be a matter of opinion about it being the worst. Remember there are plenty of other weight loss diets out there. Do your research and try one you think might be for you. Do not lose weight too quickly and be careful about celebrity diets; to be fashionable is not always the way to go.

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