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Drink Milk Post Workout For Muscle Growth

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Drink Milk Post Workout For Muscle Growth. It’s paramount to replenish your body with the nutrients it needs after a vigorous workout, but there’s so many choices!

Drink Milk Post Workout For Muscle Growth

Studies have shown that milk as a post workout drink is a very good choice for a number of reasons: it has a good amount of protein, it rehydrates your body & helps lose fat by decreasing hunger, among others less prominent.


Plenty Of Protein In Milk

There’s 8g of protein in a 250ml cup of whole milk, do your maths and drink accordingly. Protein is crucial to recovering & building muscle and you need to provide your body with it as fast as possible, milk being a great candidate for that for the obvious reason of it being liquid and for it having both fast & slow digesting proteins which together bring to greater lean body mass gains.

Why Milk Is A Better Hydration Choice?

Dehydration happens when you sweat during workout, you need to replace lost water to aid muscle recovery or you risk your muscle building process along with having headaches & feeling tired. Milk contains water, but so do other drinks/foods, why milk gets the upper hand is because it’s rich in sodium & potassium which retain fluid.

Milk’s Helping Hand To Losing Weight

As for fat loss, drinking milk suppresses hunger due to its fat contents & slow digesting proteins which, as you might have guessed, digest slowly & keep you full longer, ultimately helping you eat less food.

Other Benefits Definitely Not To Overlook

  • Other advantages being protein content for the buck, protein amount relative to milk’s price makes it a good financial choice!
  • You just pour the milk in a cup, or drink it straight from the container, a post workout choice sent from heaven for the lazy bodybuilders.
  • Not to say milk in general is healthy, best known to support bone health through calcium, but studies have shown that it also aids muscle growth & fat loss!

Got milk?

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