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Dumbbell Fitness Strength Training

In this article I’ll tell you about Dumbbell Fitness Strength Training. Dumbbell fitness strength training refers to the use of dumbbell free weight exercises for strength training. Dumbbell exercises are very instrumental in providing you strength and fitness. If given a good range of motion it makes it possible for you to get greater balance strength and coordination. It also raises the stamina of the body. For people of all kinds, be a man leading a normal life or a sports man, dumbbell promises good results for him.

Dumbbell Fitness Strength Training

Dumbbell exercises

There are various dumbbell exercises and it depends on your goal as to which exercise do you prefer. You can select a set of exercises to make a complete program and for that you can hire a trainer having better idea of the strength training exercises. Some of the most popular dumbbell exercises are following:

Dumbbell bench, dumbbell side laterals, dumbbell bent laterals, seated dumbbell raises, front dumbbell raises, one arm triceps extension, lunge and squats with dumbbells, one leg calf raises, wrist curls, wrist extension back arch, sit ups and plank.

The weight prescribed

Now you should now as to how much weight one should lift. For this RM of a person is determined. In other words the weight to be lifted in a particular exercise is determined on the percentage of weight that can be used one time. It is called RM or repetition maximum. There are some standard weights that are given below for your convenience.

4 to 7RM= 91% of I RM

7 to 12 RM = 81% of 1 RM

15 to 20 RM= 60% 1 RM

Precautions and guidelines

There are some precautions and guidelines before you begin the dumbbell free weight exercises. Fix one set of exercise and do complete it before you start the other set of exercises. Keep doing your exercises until you feel fatigue. So don’t take unnecessary gaps.

Do at least average number of repetitions and decrease it if increase the weight. There should be at least 2 minutes gap between two sets of exercises. If you want to continue your exercises for 15 to 30 days, repeat your exercise every 5 th and 17 th day.  Since dumbbell is a free weight exercise, it can be of various ranges. So you can adjust your weight as per your need. Generally, lower weights are used in the start of the session. From onward you can increase the amount of weight. Here the most important thing is that you should get yourself examined before you begin the dumbbell session.

If you are not fit for these exercises, it will do more harm than good. Secondly, doing it on your own may not produce the desired result. Therefore, it will be better if you hire an instructor because sometimes you may injure yourself if you have not learnt the movements with dumbbell properly. To have a free and safe dumbbell exercise, you need to learn the basic principles of the dumbbell exercises. If you allow full range of motion in your workouts, you will have quick and better results.

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