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Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding

This article tells you about Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. Encyclopedia of bodybuilding is the bible for every person in the bodybuilding program. Many updated, revised and paper back editions are available in the market and are available online. One among them is authored by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins titled as ‘The New Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building’.

Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding

This book has been published as a boon at the fag end of the 19th century by developing a fresh interest in muscle building. Bodybuilding is not practiced just for survival or for self defense. The encyclopedia of bodybuilding covers points like weak point training, side chest shot, deltoid development, Sergio Oliva, Calf Raises, Frank Zane and many more interesting subjects.


Benefits of Encyclopedia of bodybuilding

The Encyclopedia of bodybuilding is very informative especially on new and modern approaches to workouts, nutrition, specialized exercises which are not part of any bodybuilding website, contest preparation to name among a few. Any person who considers weight lifting or body building as a serious ambition must possess a Encyclopedia of bodybuilding in hand.

The workout program is practiced on split days, at least six days in a week with an exhaustive list of many exercises. The reader of the encyclopedia of body building is given the option of workout repetition in the later part of the day at his convenience with each workout taking at least three hours to perform until one get exhausted afterwards.

Types of exercises

Various types of exercises are enlisted in the Encyclopedia of bodybuilding which include the less useful ‘Dumbell Flys’, to the risky ‘T-Bar Rows’ , to the absolutely impracticable ‘Hanging Reverse Crunches’. Naive beginners in body building will be treating the book as their holy bible.

Books are often consulted to have knowledge about not doing right exercises because of mistakes in gym by lifting heavier poundages that than the body weight, which causes muscle pull, a hernia, tear or joint damage or life long injuries. Often a few sentences are given to describe the practice of exercises in a proper way in such Encyclopedia of bodybuilding.

There is another Encyclopedia of bodybuilding authored by Stuart McRobert titled as ‘The Insiders’ Tell-All Handbook on Weight Training Technique. Many pages are dedicated on proper performance of worth doing exercises without leading to injury are explained. Unlike other books on bodybuilding this book highlights useful tips for a balanced nutrition.

The book also suggests a workout schedule and advantages of split training by giving a brief framework to map one’s one schedule. The body type sections and workout programs are really interesting and worth reading and become a great asset for a reader interested on body building. The routines suggested in the book make the reader that recovery is easier with 6 days a week planned workout.

Encyclopedia of bodybuilding covers all aspects of modern body building which requires extensive reading to get knowledge about specific areas like injury management and dieting. Overall, the Encyclopedia is an absolute book, well composed, with nice pictures, informative and a must possess for every body building practitioner to learn modern day body building easily.

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