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Enter: The Creatine Bodybuilding Supplement

The article is about Enter: The Creatine Bodybuilding Supplement. Creatine supplements may well be the mother of all supplements, in close competition with protein powder. It gives you energy for movements requiring bursts of energy — working out is a great candidate! Let’s get started with the juicy details.

Enter: The Creatine Bodybuilding Supplement

Let’s debunk a myth first of all — creatine is not an artificial compound! It is natural and even generated by your body (alas in very small amounts) as well as present in food such as fish and meat. You can get creatine from those natural sources, but you would only amass about 1 gram of it per day. This is mostly due to cooking that destroys precious creatine. Raw fish anyone?

Creatine FAQ

What is teh Creatine Monster?
It’s a compound produced from 3 different amino acids that helps supply energy to the body and muscle more of all. By supplementing with creatine, you top the stores of it for later use in explosive activities. With full stores of creatine, you obviously perform better and achieve better results.

So what creatine gives me?
Energy, strength, aid in post workout muscle recovery and ultimately muscle growth. Creatine draws water into muscle cells, effectively making them bigger and along the way aiding protein synthesis. It also improves brain function, combine it with Omega 3 tablets and you become Genius Bodybuilder.

How much creatine per day?
5 gram of it per day is the standard. Taking more than that, according to studies, introduced minor improvements, as in, better save your money.

When to take it?
Post workout. It is best to take creatine when there is an insulin spike, that is when sugar levels in the bloodstream are high — when large amounts of carbohydrates are consumed.  This is when it’s most beneficial for you to consume carbs as well as protein and creatine, because carbs are sugars and sugars cause insulin to be released into the bloodstream, which in turn drives nutrients (such as creatine and protein) into muscle. Optimal results! Strive for taking creatine along with your protein shake, post workout.

Take creatine every day?

Will any creatine supplement do and in which form to take it?
No & powder. There’s the bad guys and the good guys, make sure it contains the least amounts of creatinine (which is creatine leftovers; useless) & sodium (which causes water retention). Prefer “Das Auto” over “Made in China”…
Go for the good old powder creatine, it’s the most widespread and tested for efficiency. Other options are chewable & effervescent creatine. I think it’s an overkill and variety that does more harm (confusion) than good.

Should I go through a “loading phase”?
No. Studies have shown that it’s unnecessary. Some believe that you should start with about a week of increased intake of creatine, in the amounts of 20g per day, and only then revert to the sane amount of 5g a day. Unless you’re insanely active, 5g is all you need, any more and it will simply leave.

Do I see results immediately? 
You see them before you take it, creatine travels through time. I wish… Creatine needs time to replenish the energy stores, it’s not immediate, that’s why the hypothetical “loading phase” and why it’s pointless to take it pre-workout, it’s not an immediate power booster.

What can I mix it with?
Shakes. With your protein shake of choice and carbs, in the form of say a juice, or a weight gainer. Why the carbs? As pointed above, sugars cause an insulin spike, which kicks creatine in the butt, thereby forcing it into muscle cells.

Creatine is unhealthy?
False. It being a natural compound and one that is present in the body naturally + received from natural foods, it is hard to say it’s unhealthy. No studies have shown this claim to be true. But like everything in life, taking too much of anything might not be a good choice.

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