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Equipment to prevent weightlifting injuries

The following article is about Equipment to prevent weight lifting injuries. It’s 2016 and in this day an age we are hooked on looking good, fit, and healthy. Obesity still has the country by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t look like letting go any time soon, but one thing I’ve noticed is that nearly everywhere I turn, I see some sort of advertisement regarding physical beauty.

Equipment to prevent weightlifting injuries

So my question is this? Are you one of these people that wants to look good and become a healthier you? Are you one of these people that enjoys exercising? Are you one of these people that wants to transform your body and push it to the limits? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the main types of exercise people perform while working out is weight lifting. However, this is also the number one reason that people get injured during exercise. It can be down to a number of things such as lack of warm-up, your performing the exercise wrong or you lifting too heavy and your body can’t handle it. This is just to a name a few.

Another one of the main reasons that people get injured during weight lifting is the fact that they are just not using the right equipment. Its as simple as that. We live in a world where new exercise machines are introduced to the market claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Personally, I think this is just a whole load of hoop laa. What happened to the good old fashioned equipment? There is nothing wrong with it, that’s what!

I work out regularly and I also feel in the trap of trying everything and anything to get in shape. After all those failed exercises though, I found that it was the simple things that helped me achieve my goals.

Simple things like I would wear wrist straps when lifting dumbbells This would allow me to keep my wrists compact so not a lot of pressure is applied whilst lifting. This is probably the cheapest yet most effective way of decreasing the chances of wrist injury.

Another tried and tested method I have used over the years is the use of a a weight lifting belt. This is a great help especially when lifting heavier weights as you get stronger.

Lifting heavy puts a lot of pressure on your back and your spine so you need to be extra careful. Your back is the very last thing you want to injure. Trust me on that one, it’s not pretty.

Make sure you properly warm up on a cardiovascular machine and get your heart rate up otherwise you will be wasting your time if your not exercising with in you heart rate zone. Plus the fact it helps warm up all your muscles too.

Remember a cool down is just as important too! Using expanding bands can also help greatly when stretching your muscles as it contracts and relaxes the muscles a lot easier when performing the stretches.

Thanks for reading my article and remember people – the right equipment prevents injury!

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