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Exercise All Muscle Groups On Single Workout?

The article concerns the following question – Exercise All Muscle Groups On Single Workout?

All muscle groups or a single group. Whatever. Hey guys get your muscles ready for another scroll from Fitness Scrolls!

If you are not one of those people who like working out every day, then this may be a question you have often wondered about.  However, you may simply be wondering if your current routine is effective, as the argument between isolated muscle workouts and full body workouts is a hotly debated issue in the fitness arena.

Exercise All Muscle Groups On Single Workout

Another Bloody (& Fatty) Christmas

With the Christmas festive season and New Year’s Eve coming up everybody gets anxious and starts to worry about the weight that comes with this time of year. Enjoying those advent calendar chocolates and Christmas dinner with all the trimmings always comes with some guilt so this is a good time to ensure you are keeping healthy with training all muscle groups.

Muscle Group Workout Effectiveness

The most important thing about muscle group’s exercises is how effective they will be for building up muscle strength and toning up that body.  Training muscle groups in a combined way is more time effective for an overall body workout blast.

But Hey Mate, Where Is Your Goal?

Another thing to take into consideration is what the goal is for your fitness routine.

If you want to exercise all muscle groups on a single workout to really increase muscle size as well as definition — then exercising all muscle groups is not always the best option.  Depending on what you are wanting the end result of the exercise to be can affect the workout you should choose, for example if you want to focus on a specific problem area that you are conscious of, exercises should be more isolated and focused.

The short answer is yes to the question proposed — workouts with a mix of cardio and weights exercises can be really effective in training all muscle groups in a single session.  Things like circuit workouts can be a fun way to do this and it is more efficient than a training session (where you isolate one group of muscles) if you are just trying to increase general fitness and lose some weight.

Check This Out Rookie!

Exercising all muscle groups on a single workout is especially good for rookies; you can build up definition a bit at a time all in one session.

However for those wanting to bulk up — a mixture of workouts is better, starting off with a full body workout can be great for 6 or so weeks but after that some upper and lower body exercises split up with cardio would probably be the best method.

Exercising all muscle groups on a single workout is definitely possible and helpful for shifting the Christmas pounds quickly but frequency is also one of the biggest factors for helping improve fitness or muscle strength.

BUTTOM LINE MATES: If you are doing one workout for all muscles you should make sure this is done more than once a week — perhaps twice or 3 times, with at least a single rest day between workouts, for optimum results.

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