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Facilitated Stretching

In this article I’ll tell you about Facilitated Stretching. You want to stay in shape, and thus you have decided to do few stretching exercises. You made use of the few stretching exercises but finally end up pulling several muscles of yours. Wondering which is the right way for stretching? You are not alone. Many are not aware about the proper ways to do the stretching exercises. While doing the stretching exercises, you should remember not to strain your muscles and thus you need to try facilitated stretching.

Facilitated Stretching

What is facilitates stretching

Facilitates stretching is the one that you do while you are assisted by somebody when you do stretching exercises. In facilitated stretching, isometric work and motion is used that helps for enhanced motor learning and improves your flexibility. In facilitated stretching there are three main aspects to consider. The first one involves in lengthening the chosen muscle. The second is to contract the chosen muscle in an isometric way. And the third one is to lengthen the chosen muscle once again.

Many are with the misconception that more the pain that you feel while stretching, more the benefit is. In real the pain is caused due to the stress that you are causing on the muscles and by doing so, chances are high that you end up tearing it. The main goal of facilitated stretching is to stretch the muscles in a comfortable way. You will notice that your muscle becomes tight when you feel a pain while stretching it. The tightening is because of the fact that the muscle is contracting to prevent it from tearing.

For doing the facilitated stretching in the proper way, you should begin with stretching the selected muscles as far as you can. While doing this, your facilitator, should hold your knee for a better support. Another thing to consider while facilitated stretching is breathing. It is recommended to take deep breaths while doing the facilitated stretching. By doing so the blood flow increases and helps to focus on the stretches.

While doing the stretching, the facilitator should act as a form of resistance. The facilitator need to hold your leg against his/her shoulder. This is one important part of isometric stretching. For those who prefer to include isometric stretching as a part of their regular workout, assistance of an experienced friend is a must. By following the proper techniques, the muscles can sure improve their flexibility and strength.

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