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Fidget To Burn Extra Calories On-The-Fly

This article is about Fidget To Burn Extra Calories On-The-Fly. Calories are expended for anything you or your body internally does: functioning of organs, digesting of food, moving your arms and fingers, walking… You get the idea. Doing small activities (fidgeting) throughout the day, while concentrating on something else (e.g. work) can burn around 300 calories a day!

Fidget To Burn Extra Calories On-The-Fly

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): the amount of energy needed for your body to sustain itself in a state of rest. It uses about 60% of your total daily calorie intake. This is the energy that is used for functioning of the various organs and anything you do in general. Metabolism can be increased by: having a greater muscle mass as it uses more energy than fat — although the difference is not drastic; by working out and achieving the after-burn effect that is in effect for a few hours after a vigorous workout; by consuming caffeine and some other ways… Although nothing beats getting your hands dirty in physical activity.

The calories beyond those that are used up by metabolism need to be burnt by exercise, or else they are stored as fat. While it’s pretty common knowledge that you lose excess weight by vigorously working out and a correct diet — your lifestyle may not allow you do the former; so you must come up with other ways to incorporate as much activity into your day-to-day life.

Have Epileptic Octopus As Your Role Model

While sitting in front of the computer at work: tap your feet against the floor in rhythm to the music you’re listening to, tap your fingers on the desk (added bonus: annoy your co-workers) and get up and do some stretching and push ups. It really depends on the environment, you wouldn’t want to freak co-workers around you by spontaneously dropping on the floor would you?

All these small activities that can be done practically anywhere (see note above, but you should get the idea) and if done for long enough can add up and burn a respectful amount of calories! This is called fidgeting – the act of moving about restlessly. It’s been observed that lean people are more fidgety that obese people. Fidgety people move about 2 and a half hours more than the couch-potato counterparts, which translates to about 300 calories a day, which in turn sheds off 10-30 pounds (5-15 kg) a year.

Be as active as possible, small activities such as continuously tapping your feet while you’re at the desk at work for long never-ending hours can make all the difference! (But please, do it silently as to not make people want to kill you. Slowly.)

More Fidgety Info

Another fidgeting article on MedicineNet – it strengthens the point outlined here and proposes that fidgeting is a genetic trait. Some people are more dynamic by nature, take extroverts for example. It also shows just how big the difference between calories burnt by fidgety and unfidgety people is.

Remember this: anything you do burns calories. While you won’t achieve absolute fitness this way — this is absolutely better than nothing so get moving whenever you can!

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