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Fighting Cancer by Being Fit

The article gives a detailed analysis of Fighting Cancer by Being Fit. Being fit is a perfect antidote to many of life’s ills. Physical and mental robustness can go a long way in making an individual capable of dealing with the every day stresses and strains of life. Medical experts also recommend following a good fitness regime to prevent or at least minimize the risk of occurrence of lot of ailments and diseases. Exercise helps keep the heart healthy and keeps muscles and immune system strong as well. One of the biggest areas or benefits of fitness can be felt in cancer patients.

Fighting Cancer by Being Fit

Whether one has been recently diagnosed with cancer or one is undergoing treatment for the same or even if one is in remission, following a path of fitness can help vastly in fighting this disease.


Fitness as the First Line of Defense

The lymphatic system in a body needs to be kept strong and capable of fighting attacks by pathogens and disease. The lymphatic system is in charge of the body’s immune system and strengthening this system takes place with a fitness regime. Even during the various therapies that one may be undergoing for cancer or even mesothelioma treatment, it is crucial to follow a fitness regime that will help in strengthening and contracting the muscles that build a strong immune system.

Fitness Programs

There are plenty of fitness programs in the medical sector today that can help cancer patients and cancer survivors. Take for instance, the Triumph Fitness program, which promises to help cancer victims become stronger in a course of a 10- week program.

There is also the fitness regime advocated by the American Cancer Society, which recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week to prevent cancer. The alternative to this is 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week.

It is always good to consult a doctor before starting on a fitness program but suffice to say that improved health, muscle tone and mental stamina go a long way and are important arsenal in the fight against cancer.

Preventing Cancer

There are two important aspects to fitness and cancer. One is fitness to prevent or minimize the cancer from occurring in the first place and the second is the prevention of it from coming back. According to many leading oncologists physical activity not only helps increase the chances of preventing the cancer from coming back but also in prolonging the life of cancer survivors. Being overweight is in fact associated with higher risks of cancer and therefore, following a fitness regime helps in this regard as well.

The Related Benefits of Fitness

More often than not cancer brings related diseases into the fray as well and with a good fitness program in place, one can prevent the occurrence of diseases, like diabetes and many other cardiovascular diseases too. It is also a definite mood enhancer and this can boost one’s strength and will power to combat cancer. As many doctors state, the will to win is extremely important in the battle against cancer and one of the best ways to attain high levels of determination is through exercise.

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