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Fitness Babes

The article is about Fitness Babes. There are many ways to keep our body fit and ourselves active. But exercise is the simple and easiest way. It not only helps in losing weight but also helps in increasing metabolic rate of the body and also helps in burning the calories which are in excess. By doing exercises daily we can keep our body strong and also helps in looking good.

Fitness Babes

There are some tips which will help in maintaining the ideal body weight. Especially women they have to go through lot of things that happen internally in their body. They should keep themselves beautiful and maintain the body weight. By doing exercises daily we can keep our body active by which we can have some glow in face.

She should walk daily for minimum of 30 minutes. It’s better if we do brisk walk. We should increase the time and distance of walk gradually. We should also do exercises for 20 to 60 minutes daily. But before we start doing exercises we should warm up over body. We should do the exercises which suits our body structure. She can also join gym which helps in avoiding the reverse order. We should also check the heart rate every time. It’s better to do on machines which also measure the heart rate when we are doing exercises. If she can do 2 to 3 times in a week for 20 minutes then it will be advantage for her.

While doing exercises we should also take care of the diet we take. We should take food which is less in calories, less in carbohydrates and fats, rich in proteins and vitamins, etc. We should take leafy vegetables and fruits in more quantity. It’s an advice to take less food more times rather than more food less times. We should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. After taking dinner we should go for a walk daily.

By doing exercises we can increase the functions of heart and lungs so that they can do more their functions more efficiently and naturally. We can avoid health problems like heart attack, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. cardio exercises can also be done. But first we should do weight lifting then cardio exercises. She should do exercise at 75% to 85% of maximum heart rate. She should also check her weight daily from the day she start doing exercises. So exercise and walking are best way to keep body fit and active.

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