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Fitness Exercise

This article tells you about Fitness Exercise. Nowadays every one is trying to keep their body fit. If we are fit then we can be active and energetic. There are many ways to keep our body fit.

Fitness Exercise

One of the most common and easy way is by doing exercises. We should warm up our body before we start doing exercises. We should increase the duration if exercise gradually. Exercise means physical movement to our body. Walking, yoga, swimming, sports, etc also comes under exercise program only.


Exercises to do


one of the best exercises to keep our body fit and healthy is by doing walk daily. We should walk daily for 30 minutes. We can increase the time gradually day by day. We can also do brisk walk. We should also walk after we can dinner. We should not walk long distances on the first day only.


we can join sports. There are many sports which help us to be active and also fit always. We can join sports like foot ball, basket ball, tennis, badminton, etc. Sports help in the movement of every part of the body.


yoga is the best exercise. By doing yoga for 5 minutes atleast per day we be active and yoga helps to control our emotions and we will feel our mind fresh. Mediation can also be done. Yoga also helps to energize our soul. We can relax and stretch our body by doing yoga.

We can also do exercise by some house hold works such as gardening, laundry, cleaning, etc. We can also join gym, aerobics, etc to keep our body fit and active. By doing exercises daily we can keep our body away from some health problems like blood pressure, heart stroke, cholesterol problem, etc. we can also keep us away from depression, anxiety, anger, etc.

There are some weight loss programs available such as diet pills, suppress appetite, weight loss by ear rings, etc. But there are some side effects by all these. So it is better to choose the easy and safe process to keep our body fit and active and also keep our body away from health problems.

If we won’t be fit and active then we will feel laziness every time and postpone the work daily. Obesity will also occur and we will gain overweight which is not good for health. So it’s better to do exercises daily and keep our body fit and also keep ourselves active always.

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