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Fitness For Women Over 40

In the article I’m going to tell you about Fitness For Women Over 40. As women cross 40 years, maintaining a healthy body and mind becomes increasingly difficult. This is a tough period for women, especially because of menopause and other health issues that entail ageing.

Fitness For Women Over 40

Staying fit at this point is very important since from this point onwards, women’s health just keeps on deteriorating. If you are 40 years old or more, now is the time for you to take notice and adequate care of yourself.  It is important to remember that 40, past the stage where your body can naturally heal and regenerate itself. You have to take initiative to look after your health and fitness.


Do not miss out on the cardio

As you get older, your heart gets older too. Cardiovascular exercises and aerobic workouts directly help in strengthening the heart and improving longevity.

If you have been including a simple 40-minute brisk walk into your workout routine every day, it is good. But it is not enough. As you get older, your heart needs stronger activities. Try mixing your simple walk with more hills and inclines, or short and intermittent jogging spells. This will not only keep your heart healthy, but also burn fat.

Other activities such as swimming, dance classes, power yoga, water yoga, attending gym or any other such activity will most definitely help. Remember that you are now past the stage where you will be naturally motivated to workout. So it is always better to find something fun that you will be interested in doing. Keep it lively and interesting.

Mix in a little weight training

Experts have called weight training the “fountain of youth”. Studies show that women who are into weight training and continue it into their 40s look about 20 to 30% younger than women who don’t. It not only strengthens muscle and bone mass (something that you are currently losing systematically if you are past 40) as well as tones you up.

It helps you lose all that extra flab around the arms and legs. And believe it or not, it is possible to have a perfectly toned body after 40! Look at most of the yesteryear’s cinema artists! You might be wondering, how they maintained their fitness, it’s probably because you feel they had a different lifestyle, but really, it is the discipline that one brings to their life which matters.

Watch your food

Last but not the least, no fitness regimen can be successful without a healthy diet. Eating right is very important.  Since you are now 40 and already past the prime of your health, it is time to finally cut down on the grease, sugar, oil, and carbs and just eat healthy. Remember to include lots of green vegetables and protein rich products to your diet to provide you energy as well as nutrients. Since women face deteriorating bone health far worse than men do, it is important to include lots of calcium and iron in your diet.

These are some of the tips that would help you maintain fitness even when you are over 40. Remember that now is the best time in your life. You can finally have all the time that you needed to concentrate on yourself, enjoy living a content, happy & healthy living. Just with a little effort, and you will see wonders in your life.

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