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Fitness Nutrition

In this article I’ll tell you about Fitness Nutrition. Every one does exercises, walking and work out on fitness machines to decrease the excess weight caused by obesity. But they fail to take health and nutritious diet while doing fitness programs. One should take care of their diet while following fitness program. Healthy diet includes food which is rich in proteins, rich in vitamins, fewer in carbohydrates, fewer in fats and calories.

Fitness Nutrition

Many health problems like heart stroke, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol problem occurs due to obesity. So we should take healthy food in order to keep our body away from these health problems. One should eat take leafy vegetables, fruits and oil less items in their regular diet. One should whether we are taking required nutrients in their food or not.

One should do diet while doing fitness programs. But there is wrong notion in people about diet. Generally people will starve their stomach with out eating any thing. They decrease the quantity of food they take. But it is wrong procedure of dieting. One should take less food more times rather than taking more food less times. We should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

We should eat slowly eat chew eat properly so that it will be easy to digest. While buying food items we should check the quantity of vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. We should eat food which is fewer in carbohydrates as they change in to fats during digestion process. Besides taking nutritious food we should also walk and do exercise regularly.

We should consult a doctor before following diet process. He will suggest the food which is rich in proteins and vitamins so that we can take nutritious food in our diet. Person who is under diet should decrease eating fast foods like cakes, chocolates, soft drinks, etc. we should eat nuts, fruits, leafy vegetables, fish, dry fruits, bread, beans, cereals, yogurt, etc.

We should drink more water. We should drink one cup of water before work out, one cup during work out process and three cups of water after work out process. We should take sports drink which are made of less sugar while doing work outs. We should take sugar less items in our diet. So by taking nutritious food we can keep our body active and fit which helps from many health problems. Take food which is nutritious, less in sugar, fewer in fats, calories and carbohydrates.

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