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Fitness Stretching

In this article I share what I learned about Fitness Stretching. Nowadays people are trying to be fit and active. They are trying to loose the excess weight by following some fitness programs with help of fitness trainers. Generally people forget to stretch and warm up their body before they start doing exercises.

Fitness Stretching

To be active and fit exercises and walking is the best method. But before doing exercises we should warm up our body and also stretch so that we can avoid some problems which occur while performing exercises.

Stretching not only improves appearance, lengthens muscles, and gives that lean, toned look on stage, but it also improves fitness and health. It is the ultimate for preventing injuries. Stretching helps is to warm up our body and also improves flexibility in our body. Stretching also helps us to be good and can be relaxing period of your day. By warming up body temperature raises.

There should be balance flexibility on each side of the body. We should start slowly. Warm up first. Walk before you jog or jog before you run. Begin exercises slowly for 3 to 5 minutes and stretch the muscles you will be using. Stretch should be held for 20 to 25 seconds.


Tips for better stretching

  • The objective of each stretching movement should be to stretch until you feel a slight discomfort and then relax. Stretch progressively without pain.
  • Always stretch after you warm up! Warm muscles stretch much easier than cold muscles.
  • Stretching gives you more flexibility, which prevents soreness, allowing for faster recovery and better muscle growth.
  • Stretching should relax all of you. Don’t let your jaw, shoulders, hands, and feet tense up during your routine. Tense body parts make stretching other areas less effective.
  • Always stretch opposing muscle groups such as biceps/triceps, hamstrings/quads, abs/lowerback. Stretching only one of a muscle group creates an imbalance, which can cause a decrease in flexibilty.
  • If you exercise early in the morning, do two sets of each stretching exercise. You are naturally stiffer in the morning than in the evening.

Things to know about stretching

Stretch the muscles for 30 seconds and go to the relax mood slowly. We should not go to relax mood immediately. We should repeat it for several times. Aerobics will strengthen your heart. We can do swimming, running, jogging, etc. We should increase the duration of exercise slowly. We should not start them rapidly. Try to stretch before and after you do exercises so that we can increase flexibility and also avoid injuries. We should balance flexibility on each side of the body equally.

There are different types of stretches. They are quick stretch, abdominal stretch, back up stretch, chest stretch, arms stretch, neck stretch, lower body stretch, total body stretch, legs stretch, shoulders stretch etc. We can stretch each and every part of the body. If stretch before exercise then we should warm up our muscles followed by stretching and exercises.

There are 12 best stretches to be followed before we start doing exercises. Stretch regularly to increase your level of flexibility and strength. We can listen music while we are doing for long periods. Thus we should stretch before doing exercises to improve flexibility and strength of the body. By this we can be fit and active always.

By doing warming up our body we can increase the metabolic rate and also increase the blood flow and body temperature. Thus warm up should be done before doing fitness exercises daily.

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