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Fitness Walking Program for Long Life

This article tells you about Fitness Walking Program for Long Life. How to live longer? You need a good mental attitude, an exercise program a healthy diet and long living parents.

Fitness Walking Program for Long Life

Let us look at mental attitude. You need to have many interests, a positive view of life and to keep active. It is no good getting up in the morning, drifting from the TV to the fridge all day and then going to bed, where you will probably not sleep anyway. You must get out and about and use your brain. If all else fails just use your brain. Steven Hawkins cannot exercise, but he spends his time working out the secret of everything on the kitchen table. The octogenarian author is not an athlete, but the books keep coming from an active brain. That is one of the secrets of a long life.

Laughter is good for us, it can positively affect diseases like high blood pressure and heart problems. It can also reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Research even suggests that laughter can boost the immune system. Sadly research does not answer the question of how some older people, hardly surviving on an inadequate pension with a hole in the roof they cannot afford to fix, can find life amusing. But it helps if they can find something to laugh about.

Pets are good. They have a calming influence and give much needed companionship. The choice is yours, but do choose an appropriate pet. Cats or dogs in small flats without a garden are stressed themselves, and they will stress you. But the right pet can do a great deal for the quality of an older person’s life.

A healthy low fat diet is, of course, essential and is one of the two cornerstones of long life. But you do not have to eat entirely low calorie food. Make your diet as varied as possible and allow for the occasional lapse from your low calorie regime.

Exercise is the other cornerstone to achieve a long active life. A fitness walking program and other gentle cardiovascular exercise will allow you to burn calories for weight loss and stay fit when you have reached your ideal weight.

Sleep is important. But many of us sleep less well as we get older. Try not eating for a couple of hours before bedtime and avoid TV in bedrooms. This may help, but then again it may not. There is nothing worse than being wide awake in the early hours of the morning and knowing that sleep is over for the night. Maybe in the end the answer is to accept that you only need a few hours sleep and arrange your day accordingly. But chronic insomnia should be discussed with your doctor.

Long living parents cannot be arranged, but it does seem that living to a great age runs in families. Whether this is due to genes or lifestyle choices is not easy to determine. But it is encouraging for people in such families to know that maybe genetics is on their side.

So there we have it.. Stay fit, stay happy and you will enjoy a long and active life.

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