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Fitness Woman

Would You like to be a Fitness Woman? Nowadays every one is trying to keep their body fit and strong. If we are not fit and active then laziness leads to many health problems like heart problems, cholesterol problems, obesity and over weight. So we should be fit and active always. We should take necessary precautions from earlier stages only to avoid over weight and obesity.

Fitness Woman

There are many ways to get rid of obesity and over weight. They are taking healthy diet, drinking more water, doing exercises and walking daily, drinking more water; avoid smoking and drinking, etc. Particularly women should take care of their weight at pregnancy times as it may affect the child.


Diet control

One should take healthy diet regularly. Healthy diet includes food with more fiber, more proteins and vitamins, fewer in carbohydrates; fats etc. should take 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Should go for walk at least for 10 minutes after dinner.

Should check weight regularly. Consult a doctor before following diet. So that we can take healthy food in our diet process. Taking less food more times is preferred than more food less times. Weight should be in control according our age. Calcium, vitamins and other supplements should be taken in required quantity in the diet we take.


Drink atleast ten glasses of water everyday. This cleanses the body from impurities. It is also advised for lactating women to increase water intake to keep the body hydrated.

Avoid smoking and drinking

One should avoid smoking and drinking. They may lead to health problems. Pregnancy women should take care of their health regularly. They should avoid smoking as it will cause harm to the child. They should to check up monthly and regularly.

Smoking and drinking will affect the lungs and may lead to cancer so it is good to not use them. Should avoid stress caused by work and we can join in sports or some recreation programs to feel free from stress and tiredness caused by work.

Regular exercises

Regular exercises keep body fit and active. So we should do exercises daily for 30 minutes. We should stress our body before we do exercises so that we can avoid injuries caused while doing exercises. One should go for walk after taking dinner so that food will be digested easily and it is also good for health.

We can also do exercises on fitness machines available in market. But before it’s better to consult a doctor or fitness trainer so that he will suggest the correct fitness equipment according to our body fitness. So woman should also take care of their health to be fit and active.

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