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Fitting exercise into your day

In the article I’m going to tell you about Fitting exercise into your day. Aside from juggling the school routine, changing nappies, piles of washing and trying to get some sleep, fitting exercise into your day could be your biggest challenge.  With these tips we hope you can find that bit of time for yourself.

Fitting exercise into your day

Firstly consider your weekly routine and pick a good time to exercise.  When do you feel the best? When are you motivated to exercise? How big is the window of opportunity you have – do you have 10 mins, 30 mins or an hour?

If you shower in the morning you may wish to fit your exercise in before your regular routine.  If you are getting a decent amount of sleep at night then set the alarm half an hour early and fit your exercise in first thing.  The wonderful thing about exercising at this time of day is that you complete your exercise before your day has really even started.  You can then have your shower and enjoy your day knowing you have accomplished something for yourself.

Of course, this is all good unless you, like me, have yet to experience to joys of your youngest one sleeping through the night – and in that case I certainly wouldn’t recommend waking up early when there is the far better option of sleep.  See if you can fit in a nap in the morning, then having ticked that off the list look at where in your day you can fit exercise in.

Aside from first thing in the morning there are a number of other good windows to fit in your exercise.  Look for the following opportunities in your week:

  • Older kids are at kindy or daycare
  • Dad or another caregiver is home
  • Just before you shower (this saves you getting in and out of gym clothes or having to find more than one opportunity to freshen up)
  • The little one(s) are sleeping
  • Older kids (3+) are happily playing – or find an activity to set them up with

If you are still struggling to find an opportunity to exercise try incorporating small amounts of exercise regularly into your day.  Here are 5 great tips to fitting exercise into your current routine:

  1. Cleaning? Using a mop, vacuum cleaner, cleaning the car or house windows will all give you a good arm workout.   Just remember to use your other arm too – it might seem strange but hey, you may as well make the most of the opportunity.
  2. Got washing to hang out? checking the mail? Watering the garden? Try running to the clothesline, letterbox or garden hose.  It may not feel like you are doing much but your muscles will enjoy the challenge and you will be preparing your body for exercise when you do have time to fit it in.
  3. Put your walking shoes on and walk to town with the pram to pick up a quick spot of groceries, drop the kids at kindy or meet a friend.
  4. Play with your kids – Get on the trampoline, ride your bikes, get out the skipping rope, play hopscotch,  tiggy, hide & seek and have fun.  If you put some effort in you’ll be surprised just how good a workout this is.  If your little ones aren’t running around yet then get on the floor with them and try out some floor based exercises or even just stretch.
  5. Mow the lawns, swap with the hubby if you don’t usually do this task.  He’ll like the break and you can get out in the fresh air and work those muscles.  Sound too easy? Try running, it gets the lawns done quicker, saves petrol and you will definitely work up a sweat.

The important thing to remember when trying to fit exercise into your day is to understand that this is a challenge.  You will be interrupted from time to time, there will be days where despite your best efforts exercise isn’t ticked off on your 101 things to do.  Don’t worry, there is always tomorrow just put it back on your list and keep trying.  And most of all – celebrate your success when you do fit exercise into your day.

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