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Flu and Walking for Weight Loss

The article touches upon the issue of Flu and Walking for Weight Loss. Unfortunately some of us will get the flu this summer. How will this effect our walking for weight loss program? A lot.

Flu and Walking for Weight Loss

If you have a cold a walk in the country can make you forget the sniffs and coughs. You may feel more tired than usual afterwards, but generally carrying on with a reduced fitness walking program will do you no harm and cheer you up a bit.

Flu is different. It has been said that if you are in bed with a cold and someone scatters ten dollars on the floor you jump up and collect them. If you have flu you turn over and go back to sleep.

Flu is bad news, whether it is the fashionable Swine Flu or any other. At first you probably won’t know you have it, but the temperature, coughs, aches and feeling terrible will soon prove you have. So stop your walking for weight loss program and any static exercises you may have been doing. They will probably have stopped themselves anyway, but don’t feel bad about giving up. Just concentrate on getting better.

When you are better – and this may take a little while – start your walking for weight loss and your exercise program up again.

Do it slowly, walk half a mile for a few days and then when you are comfortable with that increase it to three quarters of a mile and so on. Use the same principle for static exercises.

While you were ill you will have eaten less and your weight may have gone down. When you get better and return to your usual diet, but without much exercise, it might go up again. Don’t despair, just get back to your normal exercise regime and all will be well

Remember, your body has been in a war, give it some time for rest and recuperation.

I do hope you stay fit and healthy this summer, but you may not. As my own doctor said when I was recovering from my flu experience. ’Let your body tell you what it wants you to do.’

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