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Four Reasons To Get To Sleep Earlier

That article is about Four Reasons To Get To Sleep Earlier. If you’re looking to shed some weight and reach your body fat goals in record time, one thing that you must make sure you are getting enough of is sleep.  We live in a world where there simply is not enough hours in the day and many people do find that sleep is the first thing to go from their daily agenda.

Four Reasons To Get To Sleep Earlier

We’re sleeping six, sometimes even just five hours per night, trying to get done everything that we need to do.

But what’s the cost of doing this? What kind of side effects are occurring due to your increasing level of sleep debt?

Let’s have a look at how this lack of sleep is impacting your progress.


Slower Metabolic Rate

The first very damaging effect of not getting enough sleep is that you will experience a slower metabolic rate because of it. Your metabolism determines how many calories you’re burning off on a day to day basis, so when this slows down, you’re going to struggle to see the weight loss results that you’re after.

If you want to burn calories as quickly as possible, aim for seven hours at least.

Poor Glucose Control

The second effect that lack of sleep cause is poor glucose control. If you aren’t sleeping enough, your body is likely to suffer from greater fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which will mean your hunger will be higher and it’ll feel like you are never satisfied after a meal.

Furthermore, you’ll be more likely to hit those low points in the day, which just drive you to want to eat more food.

Lack Of Will-Power

The third reason why you should be focusing on sleeping more throughout the week is because lack of sleep will also do a number on your will-power. Think back to the last time you had five hours of sleep at night.

How much tenacity did you have to push through your diet plan and keep eating as you should? Or, did you find yourself giving in, eating foods that you know you shouldn’t just because you simply were at the point of not really caring.

You were hungry, tired, and not in the mood to diet any longer!

If this describes you on a regular basis, your lack of sleep is definitely impacting your results.

Lacklustre Workouts

Finally, the last negative side effect that a lack of sleep will definitely cause is lacklustre workouts. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your energy level just won’t be there and you won’t be able to give full effort to the workouts that you are doing on a daily basis.

Over time this means less progress in the gym, lower metabolic increases due to activity, and slower rates of progress.

Not to mention that your gym sessions may feel rather torturous when you are so tired you’d rather just go have a nap instead.

So there are some of the many reasons why sleep is so vital to success. If you aren’t making it a priority in your plan, now is definitely the time to start.

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