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French Free Weight Loss Diets That Work

The article gives a detailed analysis of French Free Weight Loss Diets That Work. This Best Healthy Diet Plan goes on the points from 18 to 26 points a day to lose kilogram a week, recommended “controllers weight”.

French Free Weight Loss Diets That Work

In France, there is just published book “Little gourmets” whose author is controllers weight Association. With promoting healthy and digestible food, books launches a new quick weight loss diet with the points you transfer to the whole. With it you can lose a kilogram a week without harming your health, to remove what is pilled during the winter and get u ready for bathing season, with beautiful body figure.

• Number of points allowed depends on the weight if you have up to 70 kg, you have the right on 18 points a day. Between 71 and 80 kg, you are allowed

20 points. Between 81 and 90 kg – 24 points, and between 91 and 100 kg – 26

• Number of points depends on the nutritive and calorie values of each food. Vegetables and fruit with little sugar have 0 points (zucchini, broccoli,

celery, button mushrooms, cucumber, spinach, beans, leek, onion, all types of lettuce, tomato … all except potatoes, corn and beans; apple, apricot

, pineapple, “klementine”, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, watermelon, grapefruit, peaches, pears, orange). Meat, fish and vegetables that contain

starch are two points per serving, while some foods are much more, but see the table! When it comes to food with a lot of sugar (pole) and drinks, it is not recommended that a weekly sum goes over 14 points.

• Poens reconcile with the needs of: the “elastic” diet allows you to”save” to 4 points per day, so that you need to spend the same week. You may not

transfer them from one week to another. The best “You can save” two or three times a week doing sport.

• How to save the results? When you achieve a goal, enter the phase of sustain weight. It takes about six weeks. In the first week gradually increase points for one day (seven per week) in the second of two points per day … until you get to your Weight vary one to two kilograms.

Mushrooms stuffed with cheese 2.5
Fried mushrooms 6
Plate clam chowder 6
Ration of flush rice 6
Central Porco. Fry Potato 7
Omelet 7
30 g rich cheese 3
Soup plate from bags 2
Flavored lettuce 2
Poached egg 2
Omelet with cheese and ham 9
Sausage grilling 9
Croissant or roll 4
White meat 2.5
100 g cream od chocolate 3
Parc pie with fruits 3
Parc fruit cake 8.5
Chocolate Milk-Sheikh 8.5
Glass of low fat milk 1
Diet fruit yogurt 1
Caramel cream 5
fish 4.5
Pizza 14
Bullock chop 3
Sardine tin 3
Can tuna 2
White fish roasted 3
Sandwich with cheese 10.5
Parc squid 10.5
Salad with Ham and cheese 5
4 chicken leg
Spaghetti sauce with mushrooms 6.5
Cheeseburger 8
Two slices of bread 2
Half bagete 2
Tuna salad and potato 7
Have a ham sandwich 7
Meat roasted 7
Potatoes roasted in the oven 2 Vegetables 0
Fruit (apple, strawberry, raspberry, peach, etc.) 0
Glass of wine, beer, soda, juice 2
Water, tea, coffee, “child car,” glassof vegetable juice or tomato * * 0
Pickles, spices, mustard, vinegar, soy sauce, spoon of tomato mash * * spoon of cream, sugar lump, * chewing gum *, spoon of marmalade * 0

What is helping?
Appropriate portions that they serve in the restaurant.

Food marked with an asterisk should be limited to three per day. They have more than four points and they are allowed only from the second week

“Save” point-two
Sport allows you to get the bonus, which is limited to 12 points a week.
30 min. swimming 4 points
30 min. walking 2 points
15 min. fast walk 2 points
15 min. yoging 2 points
30 min. cycling 2 points
30 min. Gymnastics 2 points

Respect the three golden rules
• Do not speed up the lost, Follow the following rules:
• First Week days are the largest sacrifice. Later you can relax and eat all you want in points allowed.
• desirable three meals a day and a snack (2 points) to not get burned in the crisis, and cancel this healthy diet.
• To diverse your Cleansing diet plan , eat every day: 300 g of green vegetables + 200 g fruit + two teaspoons of oil or margarine 2 + dairy products + 1-1,5 liters of water.

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